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"Pico Skin Relief" Chlorine Equivalence Test 

This report summarizes our findings for the subject study.  Briefly, our study showed that 5 drops of
"Pico Skin Relief" product the same effects as one drop of commercial grade “bleach” (5.25% Sodium Hypochlorite 
in water).  Household bleach is approximately one half as strong as the commercial grade, therefore
approximately 2-3 drops of "Pico Skin Relief" would produce the same effect as one drop of “Clorox”.

Study Design: Various concentrations of "Pico Skin Relief" and sodium hypochlorite (“chlorine”) were examined 
under defined conditions. 0.3 ml of raw sewage (broad spectrum microbial population) was placed in each 
BOD Bottle along with 150 mg. Each of Glucose and Glutamic Acid.  Bottles were dosed with various amounts 
of either "Pico Skin Relief", or chlorine solution (or neither, for blank control purposes). Buffered dilution 
water was added, and the initial dissolved oxygen concentrations were established.

The Bottles were sealed, and incubated in the dark for 5 days as 20 degree. C. After which time the 
final dissolved oxygen concentrations were made.

Bottles where oxygen depletion was “zero” (ie, showed no change) showed no microbiological degradation 
of the organic materials.  Bottles where oxygen was depleted indicated the presence of microbiological 

Dosed and un-dosed controls were also used.

Concentration ranges covered the full spectrum from zero effect (No oxygen depletion) to total effect 
(complete depletion of oxygen).

Comment:  This study  produces empirical values.  The results, in essence, are defined by the test 
conditions.  This is the case for any bioassay study, and results should not be extrapolated to 
applications which do not conform to this study.