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"Pico Skin Relief" Head Lice Product Tested At Univ of Mass.
 As more insects became permethrin resistant and transmission vectors, 
 like head lice, scabies, fleas, ectoparasites, humans are fraught 
 with the their dangers. Three louse-borne diseases are known at this 
 time with more coming. Trench fever caused by Bartonella Quintana, 
 Epidemic typhus caused by Rickettsia prowazekii, and Relapsing fever 
 caused by the Spirochete Borrelia recurrentis.

 We started in 2006 to develop a safe head lice control product "Pico Skin Relief" 
 for Lice. Our Goals were simple to develop a product to replace
 products like  Nix, Ovide, Lindane and all other Head Lice Products
 on the Market. This was our first effort to do this and we worked
 with who we affectionately called Mr. Head Lice J. Marshall Clark
 at the Univ. of Mass.

 This product requires few refinements, Proper dilution rations of
 product to make it more effectve with faster kill times, and
 applications methods, and testing on egg larva as suggested in the
 Conclusion but we have a good start. We would be looking for a
 partner for Distribution, Case Studies, and Drug or Cosmetic

Some examples of Head Lice At this time it seems clear that head lice is run wild, spreading disease in the schools of America and the world.

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