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Canada Labrador Ear Infections Gone

Canadian reported I have a Labrador that has a bad ear infection. Went to the Vet. They prescribed antibiotic pills and ear drops. After one week the infecton was worse. Returned to the vet. They did a culture and prescribed a 2nd different antibiotic pills and ear drops. After 2 more days it was getting even worse. So now I have spent money and time for two Vet office visits and spent more money on two antibiotic pills.

I decided to try with 1 part "Pico Skin Relief" and 500 parts water or 1:512 to make a liquid solution. Filled the ear canal and massaged it. Then cleaned with a swab. In 12 hours the infection was almost entirely gone. I did a second and third treatment but the ear was fine after the second one. I thought you might find this interesting and its been a year and the ears are just fine and the infection never returned. Take Care Eric!