Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
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My Chemical Disaster at Maximum Security Prison Where I got Multiple Chemical Sensitivity- Biobased My Salvation!

On September 20, I went to work at the Maximum Security Prison in Idaho, not knowing my life would soon be changing, I was a Food Service Officer on the early morning shift. That particular morning I noticed a dry tickle in my throat as well as a heavy feeling in my chest, as if I could not get enough air. My throat and nostrils were on fire. I just assumed I must be coming down with the flu. The symptoms worsened, and I could hardly swallow, so I was taken to the Emergency Department of the local hospital. Two weeks later I returned to work only to have the sore throat, coughing, and the breathing problems resume. But I kept working until I had to go home because it was getting worse again. The next day it was the same scenario. Finally, I realized something at work was triggering my symptoms, as crazy as that sounded. I spoke to the kitchen Manager who explained that a floor stripper had been used in the corridors along with a paint remover in B Block, where there was poor ventilation at the time I became ill.

Other coworkers had gone home ill too. The pieces of the puzzle were beginning to fit for me, but living with the picture of chemical injuries and sensitivity became a nightmare. One would suppose that I would just react to the chemicals to which I had been exposed, but I sadly discovered that was not true. Now I became sensitive to all kinds of odors--gasoline, smoke, perfumes, etc. as well as those chemicals which caused my injury my life then became a disaster. Think about it, wherever you go there are smells, odors you don't even think about like cigarette smoke, perfumes, deodorants, hand creams, laundry detergents, and on and on. As if this life change wasn't enough, I went to doctor after doctor, searching for good health again. My medical bills in the next two years would be several hundred thousand dollars. I assumed that Workman's Comp would help because I was injured on the job, but no. I am at this time in litigation over a lawsuit regarding this claim. Probably one of the most difficult trials was the loneliness, the loss of family, friends, social events, church, and even being able to shop. It felt like I had become a prisoner in my own home. My world was shrinking by the day until the only safe place where I could breathe without a problem was my car, and then my home where everything had become environmentally safe because of Biobased products.

It has been three years, and there is hope for me now. With all the treatments, I am improving slowly. While I was so confined, I searched everywhere for help and tried anything, anything as all that might bring me some relief. Biobased USA products was the one wonderful miracles I tried. It worked and there were no harmful chemicals, perfumes, or smells. I found their products to be environmentally safe and give me a safe place to live. You might be telling yourself, she is saying this just for the money, but I'm not. I have not made any money from this and if I could keep even one person from going through this horrible experience I have had, it would be worth it. Who knows, it might be you! Lu Lu