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This is what we are all about Curing not Treatment! Its just so easy to reduce the expense of health care in many cases from 30 to 90%. But its impossible in the USA so we can only help the rest of the world that want CURE solutions

Subjects: Health Cure, Agriculture, Jobs, Trade and Security!

Iím going to teach you the one and only totally reliable way to cure yourself of any illness. yes, ANY illness, even if itís genetic. Letís not mince words: I mean cure; I do not mean taking drugs for life to suppress the symptoms or having to visit the doctor, chiro or ND for weekly (monthly, whateverÖ) sessions. To me (and Iíve said this often), a cure means just this: no symptoms, no treatment! It doesnít get any plainer than that. Thatís a very exacting definition, youíll agree. Face it, if you have to go on taking medication for years, decades, or for life, thatís not a cure! If the drug or treatment was any good, it would fix the illness, the symptoms and problem would vanish completely. You wouldn't need on- going treatment, would you? So 99% of all drugs are worthless because they donít fix anything; they only suppress the symptoms. Itís been likened to using a piece of chewing gum to blank out the oil warning light on your car dashboard. The symptom (the red light) goes away. But the problem sure as heck doesn't.

Curing Patients is Not Good For Business!

Iíve done this for over 10,000s of patients. Of course it did my business no good: I wasn't able to rely on endless repeat visits from the sick patients I was ďhelpingĒ. They say a dermatologist, for example, lives in fear of a cure. He (or she) has got his suffering patients for life; they need to keep going to his or her office every time it gets unbearable. But the skin disease rarely ever goes away completely. Itís a lifetime gravy train ticket for the MD. I could have been a multi-millionaire many times over. Unfortunately, my patients kept getting well, because of this one big principle Iím going to teach you! Time after time I fixed him or her and never saw them again! I got grateful letters; thousands of them. Thatís nice! But it doesn't pay the mortgage.

So We don't have a health "CURE" system in the USA, we have a disease prolonging "TREATMENT" system with perverse incentives, its common-sense think about it. Doctors should be paid commensurate with curing patients, not how many treatment times they see the patient or meds prescribed. Insurance and Big Pharma have turned this system into a monster and I don't think is fixable with them in the mix. We need to start all over. And reward the truly successful doctors who help people heal by curing the causes of disease with all means rather than just masking disease symptoms. Which only promotes another Treatment visit, more drugs and more money money!

Government intervention is usually a problem and not a solution, but one option is that the US Government pays to educate doctors and pays for their malpractice insurance but then grades them on their ability to keep patients healthy, reducing the costs of medical care. Take away the influence of Big Pharma and the Insurance companies on medical education and practice and let doctors use any safe medical technology that has been developed in the past and any new safe discovery that arises out of research and day to day practice. We need to stop the medical disinformation marketing campaign by Big Pharma that buries multiple useful treatments of the past that threatens drug usage. But, the powerful vested interests would not be pleased because their mantra is: TREAT THE SYMPTOMS BUT LEAVE THEM SICK! AS THERE IS NO MONEY IN HEALTHY PEOPLE. Reward the doctors for less visits not more. This reduces the number of doctors necessary as they are dropping out of the profession at a high rate. Doctors dont make money, just Phrama and Hospitals.

"Pico Skin Relief" is 100% concentrate bottles in liquid or cream. It is a 100% concentrate made of US Government FDA EAFUS food additives (The FDA EAFUS list of substances contains ingredients added directly to food that FDA has either approved as food additives. When the our product is finally made its like a single element, not a chemical compound. We have information and precedence that that FDA EAFUS Food Additives can be fastrack to drug status as the toxicology has already been run by the FDA to declare product to be safe for ingestion,inhalation internal and external skin. Its called an excipient process to drug status. But in all cases we have to follow the laws of each country where the product is sold. This product will not be sold in the USA until all of the above obstacles are overcome, probably 10 to 20 years. Medical employment and money seems to trump the change from treatment to cure!

This cosmetic moisturizer is for skin issues of debriding, cleansing wash, to promote healing and or pain relief. This cosmetic is for skin issues of skin softening, bio-films, crust, scab, divots, fungal, molds, sun-spots, granules, inflammation, lesions, ulcers, itchy, skin loss, oozing, sores, wounds, pigment changes, pimples, rashes, scabbing, shards, leathery skin, callus and dry skin. Also, help for skin sensations of biting, burning, crawling, creeping, itching, pricking, pinching, and stinging. "Pico Skin Relief" is available as a liquid or cream product.

Diabetes A worldwide epidemic, a prime market According the IDF, approximately 285 million people will live with diabetes in 2010. WHO projects this to grow to 360 million by 2030. Diabetes affects approximately 24 million Americans, 57 million are pre-diabetic and likely to develop diabetes within 10 years. 15%-20% of diabetics will develop at least one ulcer. There are 82,000 leg amputations due to diabetes every year in the U.S. at a cost of $11.5 billion. Diabetes cost the U.S. $174 billion per year - $116 billion in direct medical costs. If not curbed, 1 in 3 to 1 in 5 Americans by 2050 (CBC; 10/2010). Every 30 seconds somewhere in the world someone loses a leg to diabetes. We have lofty goals to attack several diseases we feel are in reach of cure; Heart Disease, Alzheimer, Dementia, Tuberculosis and other lung diseases, Consequences of Diabetes and other diseases,etc. One of the best attributes of our product is we can an inert to eliminate shields in existing that make resistant drugs, non resistant to bactericides and fungicides. Most likely could replace all in effective antibiotics that were last created in 1987. Don Wilshe - Biobased USA Single Element Technology or Picotechnology not Ingredients they are only good for patentability not curing anything.

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