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Dental Testimonal #1 Product Absolute Hit In My Dental Office in Romanina. Many Root Canals Treatments Cases.

I wanted to tell you that the Product is an absolute hit by now in my office. I used it for root canal treatments for about 1 year on hundreds of patients here in Romania, and there wasn`t any case that didn`t work good. I would like to ask if I would use it for medication in the root canal. I have to know how long is it efficient how or when the Product becomes inactivated and if you know anything about it`s capacity and speed of penetrating the human tissues including dentin. Can there be any problem or destroying of bone tissue as it leaks through the apex of the teeth. If it is OK for use in root canal treatments and leave it for some days or weeks what can I mix it with? etc.

I found the only one company in Romania that still fabrics and sells some products for dentistry. Greetings, B

Dental Testimonal #2 No Painful Throbbing Teeth/Gums. Dentures Oral Surgeon said "You sure Heal Well"

Hello: Thought I would give you an Product update. Still no more painful throbbing of the teeth/gums! So happy about that! And the gums are looking less red and puffy - success! Once the throat-swelling stopped with the 1/4 oz/gal solution, I began using the 1/2 oz per gallon solution to brush my teeth and gargle.

Another success - I gave some Product to my Dad because he had his teeth pulled for dentures. His oral surgeon looked at his mouth and said, "you sure do heal well!" Dad attributed it to your product and I believe it too. Leslie

"Pico Skin Relief" for Dental can control Streptococcus mutans, Porphyromonas gingivalis and Fusobacterium nucleatum.

We believe, given the chance, we can do the same as Graphene because we have smaller particles at 600 picometeres and above have already controlled Streptococcus! We are looking for a partner to continue the work done in China! We are only interested in partnering for non USA distribution!

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