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"Pico Skin Relief" and Gangrene, Hopefully No More Amputations.
In the United States, 30,000–40,000 amputations are performed annually. Total worldwide amputatees are 10 million. Gangrene is a potentially life-threatening condition that arises when a considerable mass of body tissue dies (necrosis). This may occur after an injury or infection, or in people suffering from any chronic health problem affecting blood circulation. The primary cause of gangrene is reduced blood supply to the affected tissues, which results in cell death. Diabetes and long-term smoking increase the risk of suffering from gangrene. Gangrene is caused by ischemia or infection, such as by the bacteria Clostridium perfringens or by thrombosis (a blood vessel blocked by a blood clot). It is usually the result of critically insufficient blood supply (e.g., peripheral vascular disease) and is often associated with diabetes and long-term tobacco smoking. This condition is most common in the lower extremities. The best medical treatment today for gangrene is revascularization (i.e., restoration of blood flow) of the afflicted organ, which can reverse some of the effects of necrosis and allow healing. Other treatments include debridement and surgical amputation. The method of treatment is generally determined by the location of affected tissue and extent of tissue loss. Summary Report: 8-16-2014 through 11-4-2014: Its been 70 days now since we first started with the Gangrene project in India. The moisturizer we are using is made of 90% 600 picometers carbon partices and the mode of action is physics. The person reports always have been positive results. The Gangrene is gone, the wound of the Gangrene is gone, and the skin is growing from the edges to the center, the lady can walk again. Our goals for medical treatment is to eliminate the reduction of body parts! We will continue to update this for at least 1 year. Vijay: August 16th, 2014 Status Vijay: Dear Mr.Wilshe, Vijay: Please find the photographs of the Gangrene foot.
Vijay: August 16th 2014 Day 0 Untreated foot, Gangrene Black is very visible.
Vijay: August 16th 2014 Day 4 Gangrene Black is gone, After "Pico Skin Relief" is applied now the process of skin growth starts. Vijay: August 16th CommentsImprovemets : Days 1 to 3. Vijay: Noticed almost 100% reduction in black Gangrene part on the foot. Vijay: We started using the "Pico Skin Relief" and happy to notice positive changes on the foot. Vijay: Growth in the tisssue noticed on the uppar part of the foot. Vijay: Please advise on the condition of the foot in Current Picture no.3 Vijay: Note: Continuing the same dosage as given below 3 times a day. Vijay: Regards Vijay Vijay: Sept 25th, 2014 Comparison Photos of week 1 treated no skin, no gangrene, week 3 Skin! Vijay: Sept 25th 2014 Status Vijay: Please find attached slides detailing the present condition of the foot and comparisons. Vijay: She is able to manage little walk in the house. Vijay: Finger bones broke and tissue growth is noticed on the same. Vijay: "Pico Skin Relief" is totaly used, need more ASAP. Vijay: Please advice on the future action. Vijay: Regards vijay Vijay: Sept 25th 2014 Current Comparison photographs after using the medicine form past 30 days Vijay: Dear Mr.Wilshe, Wilshe: Do you agree the results on the gangrene foot are much improved. Vijay: yes i agree the foot has improvd amazingly. Wilshe: The skin is growing so it appears we are reversing the damage. Wilshe: Do you think we have stopped the Gangrene? Vijay: No sign of gangrene on the foot, entire black part has vanished, foot is healthy now. Wilshe: Only Future use of the ULtra-Calm Moisturizer will determine the outcome its only been less than 40 days and working long distance with someone in India is difficult. Future updates of the status of the person with gangrene will be updated here. We wish we only could of started earlier. Vijays Application Program: Vijay: Dear Mr.Wilshe Vijay: "Pico Skin Relief", Currently we are using 4oz per gallon dilution. Vijay: In regard to the pain for every cycle of dilution (05 days for one mix of dilution) Vijay: Day 1 - she is complaining of pain, other days she is not complaning. Vijay: Each bottle is comming for 10 days of period with 02 cycles of Dilution mix. Vijay: Currenty she is undergoing 03 foot baths daily for 30 min each. Cream will be great help to treat the leg 24*7. Vijay: Requesty to dispatch medicine and Cream to Dr.KRK. Reddys address. Vijay: Request your advice any precautions to take till the medicine reach, can i continue to use the same dilution Vijay: which is having with me with out a new mix. Vijay: 11-4-2914 Day 70 Reports Skin is slowly growing on all sides. She is able to stand and walk on her own. These photos are of last week 11-4-2914 and will forward this week photos as well with the observation. Regards. Vijay

Supportive Doctors Opinion: These last pics make sense to me. The first pics at 2 wks went into my "I don't understand" category. I suspected that the tan colored covering might be mucoid exudate that forms on a healing full thickness wound rather than skin because I've never seen skin form over an entire surface at one time other than skin cells being sprayed onto a matrix placed on a skinless wound. All other skin healing that I've seen progresses centripetally from the periphery were skin already exists. Although the majority of the wound doesn't have skin on it, the wound appears clean appears to have skin beginning to grow at the edges. Traditional Treatment is usually surgical debridement, wound care, and antibiotic therapy, although amputation is necessary in many cases. "Most amputations are performed for ischemic disease of the lower extremity. Of dysvascular amputations, 15-28% of patients undergo contralateral limb amputations within 3 years. Of elderly persons who undergo amputations, 50% survive the first 3 years." In the United States, 30,000–40,000 amputations are performed annually. There were an estimated 1.6 million individuals living with the loss of a limb in 2005; these estimates are expected to more than double to 3.6 million such individuals by the year 2050. Antibiotics alone are not effective because they may not penetrate infected tissues sufficiently. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) treatment is used to treat gas gangrene. HBOT increases pressure and oxygen content to allow blood to carry more oxygen to inhibit anaerobic organism growth and reproduction. A regenerative medicine therapy was developed by Dr. Peter DeMarco to treat gangrene using procaine and PVP. He applied his therapy to diabetic patients to avoid amputations. Growth factors, hormones and skin grafts have also been used to accelerate healing for gangrene and other chronic wounds.[citation needed] Angioplasty should be considered if severe blockage in lower leg vessels (tibial and peroneal artery) leads to gangrene.

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