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Man had Lung Cancer For 3+ Years, Doctors gave him 4 months to live

Subject: Lung Cancer Testimonal Cancer Gone in 3 days using 75 Sextillion Atoms

My brother called me over the weekend and told me the following story that began in late February-early March 2020. Iíll just write it in bullet form to keep it simple.

Mid 60ís man has had lung cancer for 3+ years.
Heís undergone the typical chemo and radiation.
Dropped from 260 down to 135 pounds.
Recently in the hospital for 6 months straight.
Covid-19 hit so the hospital told him to go home to die because if he catches Covid in the hospital he will surely die.
They gave him 4-6 months to live.
The doctors told him to continue to taking the 6 different medications they had given him.
Somehow my brother convinced the wife to stop giving him the medication (which she later admitted she thought the medication was killing him).
He also convinced her March 2020 to give him 3 drops of PicoMed Testimonial in a Nebulizer which she did for 5 consecutive days or 75 Sextillion Particles.
After the 5th day he started moving around more, eating more and feeling better and better.
Heís now fully functional, no longer on any medication, can breathe better than he has in the last 5 years and has gotten back up to 195 pounds.
He goes back to the doctor in a month so Iíll let you know what they find. Pretty incredible story.

Possibility could eliminate radiation and chemotherpy as they didnt work for person.

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