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Panama Man 2011

The Panama Man had skin issues that started around 1980. His one leg was infected from his toes to his groin.
He had been treated 30 years by Panamanians dermatologist with no results.  His skin had open sores, bleeding, 
piling of skin on skin, toes had closed.  Being poor flies were constantly after his blood from his legs open 
sores. He was able to walk even with these conditions for 24 years until about 2005.  With his legs being so 
unsightly he just never wanted to be seen in public and was confined to his home, as an alone man.  He could 
not walk because of these issues from 2005 until 2011 when he was discovered by some of our people laying in 
bed being helped by the locals. This lady call her "E" saw this man and was determined to help him and used 
the "Pico Skin Relief"! As you will see that over time with a series of photos and dates below his condition improved 
and finally in just 2 months he walked to town.  His legs haven being tortured by this still unknown condition
show the scars amongst his tan Panamanian skin.  So lets see the progression in the slides from invalid to a 
man that could talk to town. Below each slide will summarize the progress. And finally let me thank "E" for 
working on this project as she never told me what she had done until it was all over.

Day 1 March 22, 2011: "Pico Skin Relief" was sprayed on his legs. The Unknown virus / bacteria / skin disorder on the left leg has been treated for the past 30 years by Panamanians dermatologist, without any good results. His symptoms were as follow: itchiness, blister, pain, swellings, bleeding, stretch skin, pus, his toes were kind of attached with each other, toe nails could not grow uniformly, and he could not walk. Psychological issues: Always embarrassed to expose his left leg to the elements and to the view of other, by covering his leg with long pants and a gauze wrapped around his feet and ankle and no hope. Weather condition: Hot or humid. Flies were around him when he uncovered his leg. Poor man could not afford to go to the city to be treated, with no clean condition of leaving, part of his floor were dirt and cement. No air condition nor fan. A man from the interior of Panama was seeing for the first time on March 22, 2011 and start the treatment on the same day. I requested to cut all long pants or wear shorts, as in Panama’s climate is just a rainy season and dry season, and he needed to have the affected area clean and dry. Application: 2 ounces (64 ml) of the concentrate solution diluted by 1 gallon (3.7 liters) of non chlorinated water twice a day. Due to the condition of his leg, I requested to submerge his leg in a bowl were he could fit his foot and pour the solution for an hour, during the day while he is sitting and an itchiness will occur or appearance of flies to have a spray bottle and spray on the whole affected area. Notice on the second middle picture, how his skin is bleeding as it stretches due to his condition.

Day 6 March 27, 2011: Notice that the patient is wearing shorts. In less than a week look at the remarkable difference on his skin. The pink area is new skin or skin with no pus, no itchiness, stretched skin, nor bleeding. Less pain when he will set his foot on the floor and no flies around him. His psychological attitude was improving. He was smiling, now.

Day 26 April 17, 2011: His toes are separated, able to wiggled them a little. His leg was improving much more. At this point I decided to increased the mix solution to 4 ounces (128 ml) to 1 gallon (3.7 litters) of non chlorinated water and continuing with the antibiotic.

Day 46 May 7, 2011: His toe nails are growing and his skin is getting much, much better.

Day 76 June 7, 2011: The continuance of the diluted solution twice daily (128 ml) to a gallon.

Day 129 July 30, 2011: New skin, no more blister no pus

Day 129 July 30, 2011: Applying on the affected area with "Pico Skin Relief" skin cream plus the continuance of the "Pico Skin Relief" diluted solution twice daily. Much happier man and no embarrassment of outsiders looking at his leg.

Day 129 July 30, 2011: Most of the affected area is continuing to improve.

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