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  • "Pico Skin Relief" Cosmetic 100+ Case Study Testimonials

    Testimonial #0 Chiquita: Skin Clearing, Psoriasis

    Two years ago one of my best friends was trying to get pregnant. Her and her husband had been trying for about 6 months when he came down with a severe break out of psoriasis. They were unable to get rid of it. I had been given a sample of "Pico Skin Relief" to try and had not used any. I thought what we had to loose. So I gave it to them to try. He suds up and sat in the shower for 30 mins before rising off. He then applied a thin coating on just the worst spots. He used it every day like this for 2 weeks. Honest to goodness the next day the psoriasis started fading. Within 2 weeks his skin was soft and no longer red and swollen. They now are proud parents of a baby boy. This soap is a miracle. He has not had another break out since. Thank you so much. Chiquita

    Testimonial #1 Jeanine: Skin Clearing, Heal Painful Lesions, Now I Have Soft Skin, Pulls Out Sub-Dermal Debris

    This "Pico Skin Relief" has become a valuable asset in my skin clearing efforts. It helps heal painful lesions. This 1st couple of days I used it I had a new rash that itched and was cleared in 2 days. The "Pico Skin Relief" leaves the skin soft and does not dry it out as some other helps do. Also, it seems to pull out sub-dermal debris like the black dots. It is wonderful on the hair also. Besides being odorless, colorless, and stain free. Now it will remove hair coloring. A great find.

    Testimonial #2 Chris: Lesions, Lumps and Specks

    I live in Scotland and I got "Pico Skin Relief" in the post recently. I had bird mites in my old property 2 years ago. Fought those 7 months. But, still had black specks and bites, though it improved. In January this year I got severely re- infested from a pair of trousers. I even had sesame seed things hanging off toes and mouth. Both times thought of suicide. Now the bites aren't as bad but still get the black specks everywhere. But yesterday when I used your "Pico Skin Relief" - my god, the specks and plastic type larger lumps poured out me and today it’s freaky and horrid. But it’s good your "Pico Skin Relief" is getting this stuff out of me. When. I rub my lesions, the specks come out.

    Testimonial #3 Laura: Body, Toe, Face, and Foot

    In my last update, I wrote these words, I'm desperate for more "Pico Skin Relief" Moisturizer "Pico Skin Relief". I expanded upon that by writing later in the day, I was lost and confused and scared and very alone for no one including doctors could answer any of my experiences due to a skin issues. I have learned there are others like myself who are on the brink of suicide before learning there is no help and no matter what you try to do. I am much better than what I was because of "Pico Skin Relief"; it actually is a big improvement on my face which was breaking out, the results I find amazing, better than any creams I ever used in the past to help my face. I also apply it to my whole body and any infected areas on the skin which in my case is foot and toe. I am literally still alive. I know now because I’m not crazy and there is help out there for people like me. I feel terrible for the people that don't have any knowledge on dealing with a devastating disease. I discovered, The "Pico Skin Relief" "Pico Skin Relief" was like a miracle. The only good news from the doctor visit was that my CBC had improved and the doctor had no idea why.

    Testimonial #4 Doreen: Skin Infections Decreased

    In April 2012 I started taking Young Livings Parafee and oh my gosh they all started coming out and crawling around everywhere within my whole body. I would have several out breaks a day where I literally felt millions of them being released throughout my entire body, from my scalp to the tips of my toes and hands and everywhere in between. I also contemplated suicide many times because I thought it was going to go on forever. I felt my lungs fill up with them a few times and couldn't breathe. They were in my heart too. I felt so incredibly ill sometimes my husband would want to take me to the hospital but I begged him not to. At that point I knew I had nerve damage. I was using Kleen Free and have just switched to "Pico Skin Relief" "Pico Skin Relief" a month ago. "Pico Skin Relief" is the best and has stopped having the huge outbreaks and slowly the skin infections have decreased to where it is now. I currently feel random movements throughout the day. Thanks for all your help! You made a huge difference in my life.

    Testimonial #5 Ron: Black Specs to Surface, Lesions

    This email makes me want to buy a zillion bottles - because I'm afraid you will run out! This "Pico Skin Relief" is really making a difference. It brings the black specs to the surface. The ones still in skin come to surface, harden and I have been using undiluted on the actual lesions. I think people suffering may feel as you originally did, that this "Pico Skin Relief" was a hoax, yet another thing promising to work.

    Testimonial #6 Kathy: Lessens Sub-Dermal Skin Movement

    I've been using the "Pico Skin Relief" for a little over a week. After reading the description of how to apply the "Pico Skin Relief" I decided to put some of the diluted solution in a spray bottle and spritz myself all over. It really seems to be working! I still feel some movement under my skin but that occurs less frequently. One of my kitties has been having something causing him to scratch especially his neck and head. It's not fleas or mites and his vet said he has a food allergy. I don't think so. I'm afraid that he has acquired something from me. Why does nothing show up when they do a biopsy? It's been 4 years since I've been afflicted. At least I now see an end in sight. I think that the "Pico Skin Relief" might be the thing that breaks the cycle. Let us pray!! Thanks for all you do. It is so appreciated by those of us who have been dismissed by doctors as mentally disturbed people. Bless you!

    Testimonial #7 Kathleen: Less Itching, Pricking on Toes, Hands, Fingers, Skin

    I would like to say that something good is happening,- I have less symptoms of itching and pricking of the skin from whatever issues cause it. I have a few pricking sensations around toes and sometimes on hands and fingers, and am hoping this will decrease as I use more of the "Pico Skin Relief". Between the medication I have had to take for another health issue and your "Pico Skin Relief" I am quite happy with the situation at the moment. I am gradually decreasing this medication so will know for definite if it is the "Pico Skin Relief" alone that is helping. I think it is a real remedy - a great find. I wish you and yours continuing good health.

    Testimonial #8 Cathy: Crawling, Itching and No More Bites, Skin is Moisturized, Sores are Healing.

    I just wanted to let you know that this "Pico Skin Relief" is amazing. I live in Florida and have been struggling with crawling, itching and biting for at least 3 years now. I can't tell you how much money I've spent on finding a help. Something will appear to work and stop soon after. Your "Pico Skin Relief" stops the crawling, itching and I've had no more bites. This has finally given my skin relief and the sores are healing. Finally, thank you so much for the "Pico Skin Relief". My skin is also moisturized.

    Testimonial #9 Karen: My Baby and I were getting Sting, Itching, Also, Car Full of Something

    The "Pico Skin Relief" continues to amaze us! It has helped my daughter and her baby so much! They can sleep through the night now. It is giving me relief and I can't imagine not ever having it as part of my daily routine again! And after trying so many things in my car: alcohol, Windex, Lysol, burning menthol crystals, and daily vacuuming to no avail, the "Pico Skin Relief" gave us great relief after using it only one time! I vacuumed the car, sprayed the "Pico Skin Relief", scrubbed with a scrub brush all the carpet and fabric on the seats and wiped down my steering wheel and dashboard, and sprayed it in all of my air vents. Then I sprayed the carpets and seats one more time for good measure with the "Pico Skin Relief" and miraculously, neither my daughter nor I felt one thing in my car when we went out the next day! I used to cry whenever I had to use my car because it was so heavily infested there would be crawling when I got out. I plan on treating my car once each week, possibly with a quick spray with the "Pico Skin Relief" in between helps, while gradually spacing out the helps. When I first became infested I used to occasionally find a very small, oblong, rather hard, white thing come off of my skin when I rubbed where I felt stinging or itching. Now after using the "Pico Skin Relief" for the last week and a half, I am having tons of them come off! What are they? Thank you!

    Testimonial #10 Nancy: Pimples on Chin Gone in 2 Days.
    I think the "Pico Skin Relief" is wonderful!! I think it is really great for pimples too. I had an awful
    break out on my chin and within 2 days of using the "Pico Skin Relief", it completely cleared up. Merry Christmas.

    Testimonial #11 Julie: Great Household Cleaner for Everything

    Once you introduced me to "Pico Skin Relief", I sprayed my sheets with it instead of using ammonia. With ammonia, I'd get about two days before I'd have to launder the sheets, I now can wait a week before changing the bedding. I also use the "Pico Skin Relief" "Pico Skin Relief" on our dogs and it works well. I will report that since using "Pico Skin Relief" I am much better now with "Pico Skin Relief" for spraying hair and body after showering and I get superior cleaning results. I am down to one shower and hair washing per day as opposed to three showers a day. I was doing 4 loads of laundry a day but now I do 4 loads of laundry a week. I no longer have any crawling in my hair which has been the biggest nightmare for 2 1/2 years. I do use good products also (conditioner and hot oil) to keep my hair from getting too dry. It is a plague on your life but thanks to your information I am getting my life back. Thank you.

    Testimonial #12 Debbie: Lesions, Mouth Gargle, White Specs, Grains

    Regards the "Pico Skin Relief", been using for about 2 weeks. Good news is lesions are beginning to heal wonderful! Used as a mouth gargle and for 2 days inner mouth was very painful. Lots of white specs came out though. Still have some in my mouth, they are really die-hards, but will keep on. The crying didn't help, appeared as if a tear duct got blocked. Anyway applied the "Pico Skin Relief" about 3x a day and within 3 days swelling was down, lots of little grains came out and pain subsided. Proves crying doesn't help, hahaha. Still have a small little bump (feels like a pimple), but am still applying "Pico Skin Relief" and every day it appears to be smaller. Will let you know any further developments.

    Testimonial #13 Renee: Stop Glass Itching, Biting

    My first experience with "Pico Skin Relief" was that it helped stop itching and biting. I felt like I had glass itching me on the top of my feet and I thought this is making me worse, but I kept with it and it got better. The glass feeling went away; maybe they were coming out of the top of my feet. I LOVE THE "Pico Skin Relief" - NOW IT IS AWESOME.

    Testimonial #14 Carolyn: I Could Sleep All Night First Time in 2 Months.

    I just wanted to let you know I have been using it for 2 days now. It's so gentle, effective and versatile. I will be ordering more tonight. Thank you so much for helping me get my life back. I slept all night last night for the first time in 2 months.

    Testimonial #15 Katherine: Smooth Skin, Wrinkles Erased, Sub-Dermal Extraction

    I have to agree that this "Pico Skin Relief" is such a good skin tonic. My skin is also smooth and wrinkles seem to be erased. That is very good for us vain females. I find it draws out debris and unknown particles, and would love to believe it is dead material. It is interesting to learn just how many uses there are for the "Pico Skin Relief", and I thank you for all your helpful info.

    Testimonial #16 Carolyn: Itching, Biting, Sleeping Again, Silky Soft Skin, Makeup Remover, Red Lesions Gone

    Your "Pico Skin Relief" has changed my life. I have my life back to almost normal. I was infected right after Christmas this year. My daughter had been complaining she had itching and biting. When I first contracted this, I had mild itching and biting, which as the days passed got to the point where I could not sleep at night. I tried everything under the sun I could find to relieve this, including Ivermectin pills and Permethrin ointment. Both these drugs can be very toxic. I was in a state of despair, feeling my life was over. I ordered the "Pico Skin Relief" that night. Three days later I used it for the first time. That was the first full night's sleep I had had in about 6 weeks. I use it now twice a day. I wash my entire body head to toe in the shower, I rinse, and then after I shower I apply it liberally all over. I have been able to sleep without bites every night since. My skin is soft as silk, it is actually the best moisturizer I have ever used, and I sell Mary Kay! My skin is clear, soft as when I was a kid and it removes makeup. I keep a supply on hand at all times. I keep little bottles at each sink and at the bedside, in case I feel anything at all, it will wash them away, it's amazing. I just had to write you to let you know of my amazing results I had this week with "Pico Skin Relief" Moisturizer "Pico Skin Relief". I grabbed a nearby bottle and I just started applying it and letting it dry, then applying more, I repeated it about 5 more times, it was so soothing, but what really shocked me was in 10 minutes all the red lesions were fading away! These lesions were gone in half an hour! I am so happy. I feel like I am back on track and feel so much better. Thank you again for this product; I am forever your biggest fan.

    Testimonial #17 Marie: Welt Type Sores Suffering, Itching

    In 1992, my husband and I purchased a home on 4 acres in the country. We had lots of trees and a thicket growing along the fence line that we cleaned out. Some the trees had a rope type vine growing with hairs coming from the vine which I helped my husband pull off. Shortly thereafter is when I started breaking out in welt type sores all over my arms and shoulders. They would not heal no matter how well I washed my arms or what I used. My husband took me to about 10 different dermatologists in various parts of the state, and all they did was take a scraping from one of the sores and said they could find nothing wrong. Some gave me a cream to put on them to stop the itching and some told me I was probably doing it to myself. So, for all that time I was suffering from sores with no relief in sight until I came across your "Pico Skin Relief". I ordered some and have been using it for several months now. I could hardly believe my eyes as the sores started to heal. I even showed your brochure to my doctor who had never heard of this skin disease. So, believe me, your article on this disease might be for educational purposes, but for me it and the "Pico Skin Relief" has been a miracle. I still have some stubborn sores on my shoulders to heal, but they are looking better and better every day. I thank God that He led me to your "Pico Skin Relief". I am sure that there are lots of other people who feel as I do. God Bless you and a thousand thank-you's for this "Pico Skin Relief".

    Testimonial #18 Retha: Crawling, Biting,

    I have bought the "Pico Skin Relief" twice now, and I can tell a big difference. I feel great. I don't feel the crawling and biting as bad as before. I hope and pray that I am really getting my life back. Hoping for that light at the end of the tunnel. It’s been two years now that I began this hell within me. I feel it’s getting much better. I have them in my head and feet. Took a while to get them off my body. Sometimes, I feel some crawling and itching on my body. I feel I have come a long way in two years. Thanks for your help. Let me know if you have any specials on the "Pico Skin Relief". Thank you so much, please get back to me soon so I can make another order. I don't want to run out. I spray everything in my house.

    Testimonial #19 Sam: Vaporizer To Help Get Rid Of A Cold, Improve Lung Functioning.

    I used the "Pico Skin Relief" in a vaporizer to help get rid of a cold last week. Then my wife, son and mother also used it. Definitely seemed to improve lung functioning for all of us and cut the cold short.

    Testimonial #20 Randy: Fibers Coming Out of Body

    Bought a kid pool that is about as big as 4 bathtubs; I filled it with water and put in 30 ounces of "Pico Skin Relief". In the heat of the day I get in the pool and soak for 2 hours a day. You do not need to change the water every day. About every 3 to 4 days. I found the heat of the sun opens the pores on my scalp and skin and releases the fibers. Do not make the mistake I did by going under the water with your eyes open. I did this and there were so many fibers in the water that I had to go to the ER they said my corneas were scratched very badly. I learned 2 things: the "Pico Skin Relief" is releasing the fibers all over my body very well and not to open my eyes in the water. So I bought a very good pair of speedo swimming goggles. My skin doesn't itch anymore I'm not feeling the crawling effects and the few sores on my scalp have healed. I think it is the most relaxing way to treat rather than being in a tight bathtub.

    Testimonial #21 Carol: Dislodging Sub-Dermal Foreign Non Organisms Materials.

    Your product is amazing. I shared some with my daughter who has had psoriasis, a bacteria, for years. Her results are dramatic. She applies it per directions, numerous times per day, and her skin is looking normal most of the time. I believe with continued use, she could be healed entirely. Is there a chance that we could both receive your product?

    Testimonial #22 Corlaine: Fiber Extrusion, Stop Itching

    The "Pico Skin Relief" is amazing and thank you for the speedy delivery. Your website reflects the only promise I have found for a new and positive future, not just domestically, but internationally and not just because of impeccable biologics but a platform for economic reform. I get it. The implication is beyond enormous and the core impetus for a drastically needed paradigm shift. I want to be involved. Perhaps on a volunteer or as needed basis, until I can make health improvements and then perhaps something with compensation to help finance a group that a Tacoma doctor and I want to launch. Here is what I know: If I were to research, develop and market a product that I believed in, I would make it available to individuals, groups etc. and solicit feedback in order to collect as much data as possible. I just never thought I would see it actually done. We spent a sizeable fortune combating two of our son's cancer helps; we lost our boys and gained more than one can ever imagine. As such, we do not currently have funds to investor support your organization yet. Perhaps, I can be a catalyst to introducing your product to others. I hope you will give this consideration and get back to me. I am sick now but my forward movement is directly hinged to my active pursuit of my dreams and desires. I recently met with a prominent doctor in Tacoma, WA, Kenneth Bakken, who with me would like to organize efforts to combat the M holocaust in the Northwest. There is nothing to date after surveying local alternative medicines sources, and well, you must be familiar with the complexities and frustrations of dealing with this disease. I have a statistical / research degree coupled with a lot of great life and work experience. My itching has stopped for the first time in many, many months - and, very few fibers!

    Testimonial #23 Dawn:

    I have been using "Pico Skin Relief" and it has been working well for 2 weeks. Three years ago I was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease, candida and hypothyroidism. I was very sick, M and P Anemia etc. Been on many different antibiotics / supplements, still am. Used many different topicals for lesions. I am much better than I was but not out of the woods yet. Use mostly all organic products. My Dr. NIHA, 202 237-7000, he is alternative holistic. They may be interested as they are treating some people who have symptoms of M. I am using this on clothes a little in washer or on rugs. I used in bath three times, fibers came out sores are healing! Can you please send me 2 or 3 more "Pico Skin Relief", using for cat, dog, husband and son.

    Testimonial #24 Diana: Lesions, Skin Softening,

    I, like some of the others, have dabbed it full strength on a lesion or spot threatening to blow into a lesion and noticed a 'shrinking' or drying of the spot the next morning. It hadn't disappeared, but almost had a 'sinking' appearance into the skin, calmed it down and took the wind out of its sails, so to speak. I have been adding it to my tree oil shampoo and cannot tell you how long it’s been since I saw some body and bounce in my hair since M came on. There was a considerable change in the texture of the hair and a bit of shine. I've also been adding about a half a cupful to soak in the tub along with Epsom salts and baking soda. I do notice some lessening of pitting or scarring on the skin, a smoother texture starting to occur with a softening effect on the skin itself. I currently have a plethora of new 'brown spots' that mimic age spots. These in the past had turned to lesions when they first appeared on my forearms and shins. Something is taking place sub-dermally beneath these spots. I can't say they are disappearing, but the structural integrity is perhaps weakening from below. I think I can say overall, there is a general softening and re-texturizing taking place resulting in less of the 'extra' skin that builds up that sloughs off in many M sufferers. I hope this feedback will prove helpful to you. Please let me know if I can assist in any other way. Thanking you for your very kind consideration.

    Testimonial #25 Janet: Lesion Management

    I don't know if K has forwarded feedback to you from any of us in the group, but I did want to communicate some of the effect I have noticed personally. I, like some of the others, have dabbed it full strength on a lesion or spot threatening to blow into a lesion and noticed a 'shrinking' or drying of the spot the next morning. It hadn't disappeared, but almost had a 'sinking' appearance into the skin-calmed it down and took the wind out of its sails so to speak. I have been adding it to my tree oil shampoo and cannot tell you how long it’s been since I saw some body and bounce in my hair since M came on. There was a considerable change in the texture of the hair and a bit of shine. I've also been adding about a half a cupful to soak in the tub along with Epsom salts and baking soda. I do notice some lessening of pitting or scarring on the skin- a smoother texture starting to occur with a softening effect on the skin itself. I currently have a plethora of new 'brown spots' that mimic age spots - these in the past had turned to lesions when they first appeared on my forearms and shins - something is taking place sub-dermal beneath these spots. I can't say they are disappearing, but the structural integrity is perhaps weakening from below. I think I can say overall, there is a general softening and re-texturing taking place resulting in less of the 'extra' skin that builds up that sloughs off in many M sufferers. I hope this feedback will prove helpful to you. Please let me know if I can assist in any other way. Thanking you for your very kind consideration, I sent best regards.

    Testimonial #26 Candy: Divots Now Flush

    Been using my "Pico Skin Relief" for a week. Diluted for my hair and skin. Full strength on lesions. They are healing! What used to be divots in my skin are now flush with the rest of the skin. Areas, still red but tissue is granulating and filling in. It stops the oozing. Creates a scab like material over wound. Easily washes off when applied full strength but you know what they say.

    Testimonial #27 Larry: Scalp, Choric lesions

    My findings are inconclusive at this point. I’ve been aggressively treated by a Lyme Literate MD for lab confirmed elements of Lyme / M Syndrome and had been cleared of active lesions. In the note to you it describes the colorful fungal hyphen like fibers that we all deal with and is probably one of the identifying characteristics of M. In my case this involves primarily my scalp. Watch for results from Dean of Arizona. He has a chronic lesion on his nose that is unique and has indicated the product is showing positive results. We’ve been following this case for at least five years; if you bring him relief you may have saved a life!

    Testimonial #28 Lee: Lesions Forearm, Hand, Callus, Age Spots, Woody Matter, Colored Blue, Red and Purple Fibers Grow in Wood Brown Hard Callus, Callus Has Deep Roots Raised by Scaly Lumps,

    I just got started a week ago putting full strength on my distressed areas. I have the forearm and top back of hands affected area. Lesions are callus like growths, some like age spots, of woody like material, often colored fibers (blue / red / purple) are grown into the wood brown hard callus. The callus have roots down deeper into the skin and are raised scaly lumps. I burned some off a year ago with wart remover, salicylic acid, but it was slow, ugly, and painful. More recently I have been using concentrated potassium iodide first, then black salve over that and it has slowly made them recede. I have only used your "Pico Skin Relief" about five times and it stings (like the iodine, black salve, & salicylic acid do). At first it made the lumps larger and plumper, and seemed to make other areas that were not before affected wake up, but now after a few days I see much of the surface callus has softened up and can be trimmed away. Not sure how to put that on your form.

    Testimonial #29 Mary: Lesions, Healing, Itching, Acne-Like Cysts Improved Greatly as Did Hive Like Bumps, Cleaner Smoother Skin, Discoloration is Fading, Skin is Lightening Back to Normal, Scars Faded, Flatten, Fewer Wrinkles, Many Comments from Friends How My Skin Looks Better, Skin Had No Side Effects and It’s Gentle, No Stinging, or Adverse Conditions,

    As you may know, I have been in help for tick-and mosquito-borne infectious diseases and issues for about six years. I have been ill for many more years, struggling with painful and itching skin lesions, scarring, discoloration, including from sun damage. Your "Pico Skin Relief" comes after much trial and error effort to calm my skin to no avail. I have been using the "Pico Skin Relief" since you sent it. It is remarkably effective in several ways, which I will describe below. As instructed, I diluted the "Pico Skin Relief" (I can't remember what strength or amount you sent, my apologies) in a gallon of distilled water, a supply that lasts a long time. A little of this "Pico Skin Relief" goes a very long way. My skin responded well immediately, as follows:

    1. General: I used it once a day, on most but not all days, since receiving it. Due to the nature of my condition, I have an irregular schedule and so would occasionally let a few days pass without using it. This was unintentional.

    2. Healing: Lesions that had not healed well at all for months began to heal immediately. Itching diminished or stopped temporarily. It is to be expected that medical help can result in more itching and lesions, but your "Pico Skin Relief" is a huge help. Acne-like cysts on my face reacted very well, as did hive-like itching bumps, all from my illness and help.

    3. Appearance: My skin is cleaner. Discoloration is fading. My skin appears to be lightening to a more normal tone (I have fairly light skin normally). Scars from my infections did not disappear, but I did not expect them to. Scars did, however, fade somewhat and flatten out. Wrinkles on my face and leg skin seem diminished. My skin is smoother. Several friends and neighbors have made comments to me about how much better my skin looks.

    4. Side effects: The "Pico Skin Relief" is low sudsing and gentle. I felt no stinging or adverse effects. I did see reactions on my skin after use. There is no way to tell if these were from my disease help or from the "Pico Skin Relief". However, the "Pico Skin Relief" itself appeared to be very gentle. The reactions seemed to be more of a cleansing result and did not last long.

    5. Next Steps: I have some "Pico Skin Relief" left and will try it on my scalp soon. This is a product I would buy.

    6. Skin: One more thing I forgot to mention is that the "Pico Skin Relief" made my skin softer.

    Testimonial #30 Patti: Sloughing Off Dead Skin, Bio-Film,

    I wanted to keep you abreast of my experience, very promising so far on my hands after the first night of using your "Pico Skin Relief", quite remarkable! I just want to cry when I look back and remember. And some of the tears are for the hope you have given us! But as most people with this illness, I have lost much along the way, including friends, jobs, financial losses, houses, my beloved animals, the love of gardening and well, just about anything I ever enjoyed. Last year, I essentially missed being 'present' at my daughter's wedding since I was so uncomfortable and in great pain. But, the good news is that I continue to see improvement with your "Pico Skin Relief", however, only slightly in the thickest areas. Yet still I am sloughing off dead skin/ biofilm every day. While I have shed many times before, what makes this time different is that I feel an internal shift with your product, as well as seeing gradual changes in my skin. I hope this continues. The only side effects: I had trouble the first couple of nights, with a throbbing headache. Something I can endure after all the pain I have had in the past. There was also an increase in activity on some days after using this "Pico Skin Relief". I imagine that this is the biofilm on my skin actually moving. I feel that while some of the activity is internally / externally created by insects attracted to the scent / biofilm, that quite a bit is also created by the film / mold or whatever this is that coats your hair and skin (I have seen that my infected skin moved prior to using your product, and it was especially slimy and activated when wet.) The most exciting thing is that I definitely think your "Pico Skin Relief" gets pulled into the sub dermal layers of skin, if not systemically, seen by what I am experiencing intestinally. Perhaps this is because I am so very thin now and thin skinned. I am not sure, but I do believe your product is doing something really good here. This has given me great hope!

    Testimonial #31 Rad: Body Purging and Flushing Out in Mass, Lost Copious Bloody Crud Out of Face, Chin and Jaws.

    My body is purging itself of the M using the "Pico Skin Relief" and they are flushing out of my body in mass. I have lost copious amounts of bloody M crud out of face, neck, chin and jaws coming out from deep around tissues. Believe I am through the worst of it and glad I am getting rid of the M, but it is a nightmare to live through. Wish I had a video as it is hard for the doctors or anyone to believe how much there is and the extent of it. I believe and know the cleanser is antibiotic and triggered this. Could you please send more so I am sure not to run out before my body is done. Please pray for me as I have lost cups of crud. I am finally slowing and stopping production of crud. I have tried as low as 1/4 cup of diluted "Pico Skin Relief" "Pico Skin Relief" in the bath and got good results. I will try increasing to see where I get the best results for the least. My sister, June, has had good results in the bath as well. I got the "Pico Skin Relief" concentrate to my sisters and we are starting a more serious war with the M. I have a suggestion for a product that would help to scrub and drain the crud from tissues and skin. I found that putting some type of exfoliating scrub with or after "Pico Skin Relief" causes you to be able to massage the M crud up and out of skin and tissues. A little bit goes a long way as it seems to be self-generating as starting it in one area seems to help start it draining in other areas. I use an apricot kernel scrub. So a type of scrub made out of "Pico Skin Relief" Moisturizer "Pico Skin Relief" and exfoliating agent would work well for massaging the M debris and pockets of debris up and out of skin and tissue. Rad

    Testimonial #32 Kevin: My Diabetic Skin on Legs is Normal Again, Amputations Cancelled, No Pain, No Discoloration, No Numbness in Feet, No Lesions, No Pain or Running Fluids.

    I am a diabetic and the "Pico Skin Relief" got rid of all these problems: Due to a combination of diabetes, a kidney transplant, lymphedema and obesity I am and always will be plagued with water retention in my lower legs. I have come to accept that and have my legs wrapped with Ono Boots and compression bandages three times a week. This process will continue for the rest of my life. What I did not accept was the medical opinion that I would probably lose my transplant, go back on Dialysis and suffer the removal of both legs from the knees down. My legs were a mass of open running wounds that were incurable at the time and had been for a couple of years. One of the indignities associated with this problem was the fact that I had to replace my shoes on a regular basis. The fluids from my legs ran into them keeping my feet wet at all times and created a rotting smell that permeated my home. I am glad to report that my skin on my legs has returned to normal, no amputations, no pain, discoloration, pain, numbness in my feet, or running water. I still have the water retention, but at least I have a life. To my shock and my doctor's disbelief I went from the prospect of spending the rest of my life in a wheelchair to having two legs that no longer leach fluid and a side benefit of no scarring at all. I no longer use a walker or a cane. I will say that I do sit with my legs elevated whenever relaxing to keep the swelling down but that's a very small price to pay to get my mobility back.

    Testimonial #33 Roberta: No More Crawling or Stinging, and Finally Could Sleep and Not Awaken from Crawling Sensations.

    I just wanted to let you know my first experience with this "Pico Skin Relief". Before bedtime last night and while I was still wet, I sprayed myself with the mixture and rubbed it everywhere and then used a hair dryer on low to dry myself off. I did not experience any crawling or stinging whatsoever and slept until 9:00 am this morning, which is unusual for me as I usually wake up early from the crawling. I would say that my first experience is very positive.

    Testimonial #34 Tess: Symptoms Improving, Less Symptoms.

    Here is the report for this week. My symptoms are improving. I appreciate the opportunity to use this product and look forward to my next shipment. I notice that this "Pico Skin Relief" causes my skin to break out, hopefully releasing toxins! I am hopeful it will also heal these breakouts too. I am going to be very observant next week to see how long breakouts remain or heal up. I had a good week. Kept applying "Pico Skin Relief" on breakouts and they are better. Less symptoms overall as I finished the 3rd week, I am experiencing a great reduction in symptoms. When I put your "Pico Skin Relief" on new breakouts, they are now going away quickly. Much less symptoms this week in every category! I still get a red face several times a day but even that is less.

    Testimonial #35 Robyn: Helping with Lyme’s, Fibromyalgia, Molds and Fungals.

    Please send me some more "Pico Skin Relief", It is working with pain easement, helping with Lyme’s, and Fibromyalgia. This is helping with mold and fungals. All are improving not gone. I have been using 3+ times a day mixed with my well water. This will take some time. This is a big problem. Especially since many people, myself included were misdiagnosed with the M disease. And those people’s lives get ruined. I wrongly believed this was something I had, but did not. Having lived and worked in refugee camps, I had been exposed to many diseases and was thoroughly examined by an infectious disease specialist and found to have some issues that were taken care of. I suffered from the misdiagnosis due to massive amounts of antibiotics and anti-parasitics, antifungals, and anti-inflammatory drugs.

    Testimonial #36 Barbara: Red Scars Fading, Less Fibers, Smooth Skin, Normal Skin.

    My legs have improved. Red scars are fading to light pink. Fibers are diminishing but not gone. I am bathing 1 x a day with 4 oz. in bath water as well as applying diluted "Pico Skin Relief" 8 oz. to 1 gallon of water after the bath and leaving it overnight. I have a new idea about how to get the "Pico Skin Relief" to penetrate the skin and get into the bloodstream. It is dermarolling. According to one site when you use the dermaroller, any cream you use on the skin penetrates the skin and gets into the bloodstream. I will send you the site. It's based on ancient Chinese needling. Much improved texture and smoothness. Color is becoming more consistent with normal skin. Skin is normalizing. Scars are becoming light pink. This is right leg. Fibers for last 3 days poured out of me 4 times a day. Then last 2 nights after bath no fibers. Woke up this morning with no fibers on the bed. This is first time in 3 years I have found no fibers in the morning. Later at night a few small fibers started to come out - I think I will increase bath 2 times per day. Left leg after 2 weeks of using 4 oz. of "Pico Skin Relief" in bath water. My leg looks like the reddish scars are growing much lighter. The skin itself is smoother and looks almost like normal skin color. I had a terrible increase in fibers the last three days. I had to take three baths to get the fibers off of my skin. First I would take a bath. Then while applying the diluted "Pico Skin Relief" 8 oz. per gallon on my skin, fibers started coming out of my skin so I had to rinse off the "Pico Skin Relief". I then tried putting DSP cream on my skin and fibers started pouring out. I then had to take another bath to take these fibers off while washing off the DSP cream. I then did not put anything on my skin and got dressed for bed. Then fibers started falling off of me and all over my bed. This has never happened before. Last night after three days of this same problem the fibers did not return. After bath I put diluted "Pico Skin Relief" ( 8 oz. to 1 gallon of water) on my skin and left it on. The fibers did not come out while I put the "Pico Skin Relief" on and when I got dressed for bed there were no fibers coming off of me and all over the bed. My skin also felt more calm and not as irritated as usual. It was incredibly smooth. To my eye my legs look much improved in color and the old red scars are now pink. Area which had previously been a patch of scar has normalized into skin like the scar has faded away. My skin feels calmer, not irritated itchy. Have been very sick and have a major case of brain fog where I cannot concentrate. I am still bathing in your "Pico Skin Relief" but only have strength for 1 time a day. At first there was an increase of fibers which drove me to distraction. But in the last few days I have found much fewer fibers in my bed. I definitely want to continue with the "Pico Skin Relief" and participate fully. I am pleased with the skin getting more normal on my legs however I have had a few new lesions on my neck and breasts so I do not know what to make of it. I am bathing in the solution of 4 oz. to a bathful of water as well as using the solution of 8 oz. to a gallon of water on my skin once a day at night before I go to bed. When I put the diluted solution of 8 oz. to 1 gallon of water on my skin at night, white fibers start exuding from my skin. Maybe about 10 of them. Then I wash this off and put it on again. Still I find a few white fibers start coming out but instead of washing them off I just take them off with my hand and sleep with the solution. As far as how effective the solution is for my skin it seems like my legs which had a lot of scars( red) and pronounced discoloration are looking much better. The red scars are fading and my legs which had a lot of blackish pores are looking again like normal skin. I had a circular patch where my leg was badly scarred for 1 year. That circular patch looks almost like normal skin. I should take a picture and try to document this for you. Just a note to tell you some new phenomena - after I took a bath for 1 hour with 8 oz. of soy "Pico Skin Relief" in full bathtub I decided after showering off the "Pico Skin Relief" I would try to apply the 8 oz. mixture with gallon of spring water over my body and sleep with it overnight. After taking the bath, I put the diluted "Pico Skin Relief" on my body and started rubbing it gently into my skin with my hands. Instead of it just drying like before fibers started coming out of my skin. Big fibers were coming off my skin so I could not keep it on my skin overnight like before. I had to shower it off to get the fibers off. I did this again the second night with the same results. Instead, after I showered it off I applied the diluted "Pico Skin Relief" and then again applied the diluted "Pico Skin Relief" over my skin and the second time I put it on no more fibers came off so I slept with it overnight. Fibers on my bed stalactite and today were fewer but still some fibers were found on the bed. The first night that I bathed in 8 oz. of soy "Pico Skin Relief" in full tub of water I felt chilled inside like my blood was being affected. My whole body reacted like it was cold. The next night I only used 4 oz. of "Pico Skin Relief" to full bath. My body seemed to tolerate this much better. This probably has nothing to do with the "Pico Skin Relief" but my muscles have been aching like Fibromyalgia for the last three days. It seems my Lyme symptoms are back and will start taking docycilin and flagyl since my muscles all over my body are so deeply uncomfortable.

    Testimonial #37 Florida Lady: "Pico Skin Relief" Helps with Deworming

    I am full of these worms things - I do not know how I am alive. I also use the "Pico Skin Relief" straight on the skin and head - with the MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane or methyl sulfone) and olive-leaf-extract. The "Pico Skin Relief" is a blessing and I constantly use it. It has really helped. The liquid dewormer I used a little bit internally and it made many more come out faster.

    Testimonial #38 Jeannie: Heal Painful Lesions, Deep Sub-Dermal Extraction, Skin Cancer is Leaving.

    This "Pico Skin Relief" has become a valuable asset in my M's skin clearing efforts. It helps heal painful lesions. This 1st couple of days I used it I had a new rash that itched, was cleared in 2 days. Not quite as fast on the other areas but it really makes a difference. The "Pico Skin Relief" leaves the skin soft and does not dry it out as some other helps do. Also, seems to pull out M debris like the black dots. "Pico Skin Relief" is wonderful on the hair also, besides being odorless, colorless, and stain free. A great find, thanks for sharing the information and thank your client also. A month later, she wrote the following: My story is a little different. More like 10 years in the making of this heavily infected body. Sometimes able to pretend the M problem was not there. Always some part of the day was spent with whatever remedy I could find to make myself better. Part of the answer was to stay as healthy as possible. I had little itching but the lesions on my legs and back came and went. Many built up to be large sized welts that hurt. Always the M shedding was going on. Now the shedding is really going on and I have developed some rashes that itch. The "Pico Skin Relief" is bringing out the skin problem deeper than ever before. I am writing this to encourage people whose problem is deep seated. The rashes heal, the welts are flattening out. Not overnight but I can see a progression. Since we got the "Pico Skin Relief" I have been rubbing it with "Pico Skin Relief". My husband is 81 years old; we thought the growths on his back were moles and the kind that old people get. He has a dermatologist that has seen them many times as he has had about 60 skin cancer surgeries. Recently I noted one of those growths begin getting black dots on the surface so close together the whole thing looked black. After a few days the edge looked like it lifted up and it bled a little. I had not encouraged this in any way. The next night I noticed it was gone the whole thing had lifted out and there was pink skin underneath, it is now flat and blending in with the normal skin. Now there are 2 others that are turning black, we will see. He soaks every night so the top of this growth probably came off in the tub. Amazing isn't it? I think we are just seeing the power of this "Pico Skin Relief". Thanks for keeping in touch and introducing the "Pico Skin Relief".

    Testimonial #39 Laura: Lost, Confused and Scared and Very Alone, Face, Foot and Toes were a Mess!

    I was lost and confused and scared and very alone for no one including doctors could answer any of my experiences due to a skin issues. The "Pico Skin Relief" is actually is a big improvement on my face which was breaking out, the results I find amazing, better than any creams I ever used in the past to help my face, I also apply it to my whole body and any infected areas on the skin which in my case is foot and toe, which I'm finding is also helping my toe - it would immediately turn red like it was going to open but I apply the "Pico Skin Relief" and it has not opened since. I am literally still alive. I know now I'm not crazy and there is help out there for people like me. I feel terrible for the people that don't have any knowledge on dealing with a devastating disease. Three weeks later, she wrote: The "Pico Skin Relief" is amazing. I have things under my skin on one side of my face that nothing I used was helping; this "Pico Skin Relief" actually helps. Great makeup remover too. I am for this "Pico Skin Relief" and I've been using the "Pico Skin Relief" in the humidifier in my bedroom.

    Testimonial #40 Casper: Moisturize my skin – it was not itchy and crawly,

    I like the "Pico Skin Relief" a lot and it has been helping moisturize my skin. I actually was never itchy or crawly . That probably sounds like a blessing except that because I didn't itch I didn't discover my M until I had a very bad case. Just layers and layers of skin? Or whatever residue it is that this plague leaves. It feels like it sucked in my face. Just horrifying. I'm so grateful for this "Pico Skin Relief". The first day I scrubbed myself in the shower from head to toe with the "Pico Skin Relief". I then put approx. 1oz into 16oz distilled water and put that into a spray bottle. Once out of the shower I sprayed myself from head to toe, sprayed inside my ears, my nostrils, armpits, everywhere like you said. I didn't wipe it off and just let that air dry. I then went to bed and immediately noticed the biting was 80-90% gone. What an immense relief. But the real miracle was in the morning when I looked at my skin. I could not believe it. In just about 8 hours 90% of all my lesions were almost healed! I even have some really weird nodules or hardenings under the skin on the side of my stomach. I've tried EVERYTHING on them to make them go away; iodine, sulfur, hydrogen peroxide - nothing made any difference. I've had them for probably close to two years, maybe even longer. In the morning they were 80% gone!! How is that even possible? Today is the second day and they're 90% gone. I now carry the spray bottle with me at all times, and whenever I feel the bugs stinging I spray that area and massage the "Pico Skin Relief" into my skin over that spot. The spray works great because I can just push the nozzle directly onto my scalp too, so I don't even need to get my hair that wet when I feel the crawling on my head. I can get the "Pico Skin Relief" directly onto the scalp that way. However there are still some problems. For example if I get heavily attacked in bed I've noticed they like to go for my lower legs. If I spray my legs I notice they try to escape and crawl up my body onto my upper legs, up my back and then further up. Once the "Pico Skin Relief" dries they slowly get back to attacking the legs again. However this is still night and day to what it was before. I hope they don't develop a resistance to the "Pico Skin Relief". Now my questions: 1: Can I just spray my bed with this stuff? 2: Can I wash my clothes and bedding with the "Pico Skin Relief", does that help? 3: Can I spray other textiles with this thing like carpets and curtains? And then some advanced topics: 4: Can I ingest the "Pico Skin Relief"? It seems like a complete miracle healer - would it work internally? I'm not afraid to experiment. 5: What about an enema? I've heard of some people recommending enemas with natural bar "Pico Skin Relief"s, so it's not unheard of to use "Pico Skin Relief" with enemas it seems. 6: What about brushing my teeth with it? I notice during the night the bugs often get into my mouth - some of them even crawl all the way to the back of my throat (I sleep with my mouth open). It's extremely annoying when that happens as it itches like crazy and there's no way I can get to it. For now I've been spraying colloidal silver down my throat, but it has very limited success. 7: Will I get rid of them from my house if I'm just diligently spraying everything here? Won't I have sticky "Pico Skin Relief" residue all over everything? I'm especially thinking about textiles. Sorry for the long e-mail . . . but in summary I just want to say thank you, thank you . . . this "Pico Skin Relief" seems almost like a miracle.

    Testimonial #41 Rolinda: Critters on Face Gross Me Out – Gone!

    I have received my order of "Pico Skin Relief", and I'm so glad that this product was introduced to you! It's amazing I have been using it for 1 whole week yet but can tell such a difference in my face. I must say that I was completely grossed out at the critters and where they live on my body. Ugh. I do have a few questions for you, what do I use to get the brown lesions cleared up? Can I use coco butter, vitamin e oil or lemon juice? The doctor stated that the white things that were on my skin were my skin and I didn't have any issues on my body as I believed. My third question: will this use of this "Pico Skin Relief" stop the hair from growing different places on my body? I had beautiful smooth & flawless brown skin - never had to shave a day in my life! So seeing little white hairs growing on my body was alarming. I felt like I was a cat with whiskers. Those hairs started on my neck and went up to my cheek bones and when removing them it too me about 3 weeks of painful plucking them from my skin with tweezers.

    Testimonial #42 Rolinda: Lots of White Things Coming Out of Her Mouth.

    I'm writing you again today. I've been sitting outside in the sun and it allows me to see the issues on my body. What I found out is the hairs have something to do with the issues. The "Pico Skin Relief" will make the critters come out, harden and die, but the hairs on top of your skin turn to dry flakes of skin. When rubbing my arms I can see hairs beneath my skin and I kept rubbing the "Pico Skin Relief" deep into my skin trying to get the hairs up, the ones that were affected by the "Pico Skin Relief" turn into the white sesame things. I'll be glad to rid my body of all the hairs and critters for good. My God is a healer and I'm truly glad that he has given you wisdom that you so graciously share with other sufferers. These things have flown out my mouth, they're in my throat, they had flown out my nose, and on other body parts. When I went to the ER two times, I stated that I thought that my air passage was being compromised by issues but you already know the outcome of that. I told my doctor that I was spitting up the issues - I could see the white tiny specks in my spit - he went on to tell me the awful thing that most people have in their spit. I argued that I had normal spit before and now it's changed to white foaming spit! By removing the hairs off of my throat and face it's changed a lot and I gargled with peroxide. But I'm not completely rid of them inside my throat - it always feel like I have something in my throat. I'm drinking herbal teas and Chinese detox teas. Oh, I forgot to mention that I have white raised bumps on my tongue at the back (possibly full of issues) and my doctor has seen this and said nothing other than it's my skin and I need to stop worrying. Meanwhile I was being eaten alive!

    Testimonial #43 Randy: One and One-Half Tablespoons for Home Load - You Don't Need More.

    Also, I think that it would be beneficial to mention washing clothes in "Pico Skin Relief" Liquid it. I use 1 cup of the diluted for a small wash, and 1 1/2 cups for a medium wash. Probably 2 cups for a large wash. The "Pico Skin Relief" is great because my clothes are no longer infected and re-infecting me. Note: When I buy new clothes, they are OK for a few wears, but definitely by the 10th time, they are well on the way to being an infective agent. I spray on chairs, etc. Scrub in, let sit for a few minutes, and then wipe off with a Clorox disinfectant wipe. (the disinfectant wipes contain similar to Benefaction Chloride that I will mix with diluted "Pico Skin Relief" and use to spray my van with). Just yesterday, I wiped my arm after getting infected from some old tax papers. I then felt a tiny hard thing which I picked up off my arm between my fingers. I could instantly feel an electric vibrating from this thing (it felt like a tiny electric current along with the vibrating). That's the best way that I can describe it. Not really sure if it has any electric properties or not, might just be vibrating. That's probably the same thing that I feel under my skin.

    Testimonial #44 Dena:

    I just wanted to say thank you and love the "Pico Skin Relief" in all these last 9 months it is the most relief I've gotten. I've spent lots trying to get relief. With each day it gets better and it’s a shame all that suffer with this having to be our own doctors thought it was M until I listen to people’s symptoms and realized strongyloides. What a living hell on earth it's been and good advice finally I feel I may have a chance. I truly was going to give up - hate to even admit that I've thought about suicide. I would like to order more of the "Pico Skin Relief".

    Testimonial #45 Lois: Helps with Pricking, and Eyes.

    "Pico Skin Relief" is good. Using a lot. After shower and then approximately 2 hours later they start coming out of my skin and boy do they hurt. This morning it helped take it out of eyes. This evening as I am typing I am constantly being pricked.

    Testimonial #46 Anonymous: When I Take a Salt Bath, Lots of Issues are Released.

    The "Pico Skin Relief" that works against skin issues! I have followed your program a month now and my symptoms have diminished to just slight biting once in a while! Another tip for others going thru this is to only read the positive things about recovering from M! I have a few questions. When I take my salt bath at night my skin is releasing issues in the tub… Is that okay?

    Testimonial #47 Lynn: Stop Itching on My Face, Legs and Feet.

    "Pico Skin Relief" Moisturizer "Pico Skin Relief" has helped to stop itching on my face, arms, legs and feet and I enjoy reading the experiences of other users, so don't stop sending e-mails about it..

    Testimonial #48 Nancy: Great for Pimples, Awful Breakout on My Chin and 2 Days It Was Gone.

    I think the "Pico Skin Relief" is wonderful!! I think it is really great for pimples too. I had an awful break out on my chin and within 2 days of using the "Pico Skin Relief", it completely cleared up.

    Testimonial #49 Doreen: I Am Finally Getting My Life Back, Why Did It Take Me So Long to Find You?

    All I can say is that after all that I have been through, my only regret is that it took me a year to find you following my first symptom outbreak. Your products are great and are making a difference in my life. I really am getting my life back. Thank you. I will be ordering another round of "Pico Skin Relief" soon..

    Testimonial #50 Sandy: Before "Pico Skin Relief" I Had 3 Miserable Years

    I'm so enjoying not itching; it's been three miserable years, thank you for your help and kindness. Always.

    Testimonial #51 Julie: Down to 1 Shower Daily vs. 3, No More Crawling for 2.5 Years

    I will report that since using "Pico Skin Relief" I am much better. I had good relief using Eels Naphtha "Pico Skin Relief" for my hair and shower previously (as recommended by my naturalist) and have continued to use it but now spray hair and body with the "Pico Skin Relief" after and get superior results. I am down to one shower and hair washing per day as opposed to three showers a day. I was doing 4 loads of laundry a day but now I do 4 loads of laundry a week. Before bed if I have noticed some itching on my head I spray the "Pico Skin Relief" and then put fine grain Himalayan Pink Salt into my hair then wash it out in the morning. I no longer have any crawling in my hair which has been the biggest nightmare for 2 1/2 years. I do use good products also (conditioner and hot oil helps) to keep my hair from getting too dry. I could go on and on with the trials of this prior issues. It was a plague on your life but thanks to your "Pico Skin Relief" I am getting my life back.

    Testimonial #52 Rene: I Always Have It in My Purse

    I keep a small spray bottle with me almost all times, in my purse, I use it all the time and I love it so much I sleep with it. Lol, I thank God for you a lot.

    Testimonial #53 Barb: Creature Coming Out of My Skin, Man Eating Critters Don't Like It.

    This "Pico Skin Relief" is not a cure but sure is a help. I am getting some weird looking creatures coming out of my skin, so it’s definitely worth using and the little man eating critters don't like it

    Testimonial #54 Retha: No More Crawling and Biting, Getting My Life Back, Living in Hell, Head and Feet Relief

    I have bought the "Pico Skin Relief" twice now, and I can tell a big difference. I feel great. I don't feel the crawling and biting as bad as before. I hope and pray that I am really getting my life back. Hoping for that light at the end of the tunnel. It’s been two years now that I began with this hell within me. I feel it’s getting much better. I have them in my head and feet. Took a while to get them off my body. Sometime I feel some crawling and itching on my body. I believe that I have M because I have gotten so much fiber out of my body. Thanks for your help. Let me know if you got any specials on the "Pico Skin Relief". I spray everything in my house. Thanks

    Testimonial #55 Patsy: Didn't Get Any Hope from Doctors

    Thank you so much for the "Pico Skin Relief". It works so well and gives me hope for the first time. Certainly didn't get anything from the Drs. I would appreciate a price list for the "Pico Skin Relief" Moisturizer "Pico Skin Relief". I know one was sent for me, but somehow I can't find it. Thank you again.

    Testimonial #56 Sandy: No More Itching After 3 Years

    I'm so enjoying not itching; it's been three miserable years.

    Testimonial #57 B: Weird Creatures Coming Out

    This "Pico Skin Relief" is not a cure but sure is a help, I'm getting some weird looking creatures coming out of my skin, so it’s definitely worth using and the little man eating critters don't like it.

    Testimonial #58 Renee: Keep it in Purse All the Time.

    I keep a small spray bottle of "Pico Skin Relief" with me almost all times, in my purse, I use it all the time and I love it so much I sleep with it lol. I thank God for you a lot, Thank You Testimonial #59 Anonymous: Crud Out of Skin And Exfoliating I have tried as low as 1/4 cup of diluted "Pico Skin Relief" in the bath and got good results. I will try increasing to see where I get the best results for the least. I found that putting some type of exfoliating scrub with or after "Pico Skin Relief" causes you to be able to massage the M crud up and out of skin and tissues. A little bit goes a long way as it seems to be self-generating as starting it in one area seems to help start it draining in other areas. I use a apricot kernel scrub. So a type of scrub made out of "Pico Skin Relief" and exfoliating agent would work well for massaging the M debris and pockets of debris up and out of skin and tissue.

    Testimonial #60 Holly: "Pico Skin Relief" and Banana Peels For Extraction
    Thank you so much for all your help. I stumbled across something interesting while I was surfing the web. A pop up add came on the screen that simply said banana peels take the sting out of bug bites. So I tried it. It not only took the sting out, but also bugs. Now I use the whole banana. I put 2 or 3 in the blender, add a little water and rub it all over my skin, rinse well and then apply The Greatest Gift Of All: "Pico Skin Relief". My skin feels like mine again. Take care of yourself and may you be deeply blessed for all you have done for all of us.

    Testimonial #61 Rad: Crawling Black Dots

    A reminder of my history. I contracted the disease in Florida. We were working in Ft. Pierce area. I have blamed bugs in an apartment we rented. I felt things crawling on me from a rug. We did stay in motels going across country. I do not know how soon you feel the symptoms after exposure. In the apartment though seemed to get the crawling, black dots on the floor and white things in skin. Returned home to Washington where my sisters caught it from me. We assumed through hugging but sister Rad lived several hours from the rest of us and came down for a wedding. We were careful not to hug. We wondered if the culprit might be toilet seats in her case, or sitting on a couch or something. As for the "Pico Skin Relief", it definitely makes a difference. It has not cured me but definitely improves my state. I had quit using it for about a week as I was experimenting with using fewer products in order to reduce expenses. My skin got worse as well as my comfort level. About that time you sent the free trial batch to my sister.

    Testimonial #62 June

    I have found benefit in putting it on after bathing as suggested. Also I sometimes add essential oils to it. I add it to my body wash and shampoo. Also I put it in my bath water. I mix a bit with coconut or Young Living V-Oil with some essential oils like neem or lavender and put it on my face to keep the skin more pliable. Have found if I use just the "Pico Skin Relief" and apply multiple times during the day my skin will get sore. Once I was hard up for some bug repellent so added some eucalyptus and lemon oil and sprayed it on me. I have found the solution works better for me if I mix it strong enough to have a bit of color. I have not kept a record of quantities but will try to send exact measurements and parameters with my next report. Thank you again for your development of the product and for the free batch to use. I definitely feel free to try a few more things with it. I hope the feedback is helpful to you.

    Testimonial #63 RAD: Body Purges and Dumps

    I started using "Pico Skin Relief" Skin Moisturizer in July of 2013 as part of trial. I have found it to be a great help in the fight against M as well as my three sisters have who also have it. My one sister caught this terrible thing in Florida she believes from an apartment they rented. We believe it was passed on via hugging each other before we knew anything about it. I seem to have more built up in my body of the various white crud much more then my sisters. I believe that is due my immune system being compromised due to hypo-pituitary (I have to take steroids for), leukemia, and hypothyroidism. My sisters also have low thyroid function. After several months of using the "Pico Skin Relief" my body started to purge itself of as someone had turned on a switch with several times the rate or level of acceleration increasing the level of purging. I will get skin ulcers at times in the areas where I will have the M crud dump. The ulcers heal up as they drain and dump for a couple weeks and seem to be part of the process of my body purging itself of the tremendous amount of M crud that has built up in my body and continues to be manufactured. I am slowly gaining on the buildup of M crud through use of the "Pico Skin Relief" Moisturizing solution. I have finally noticed a decrease in production of the M crud especially after taking the Cream solution internally. I feel with the aid of the "Pico Skin Relief" solution that I am slowly but surely winning the war on this terrible complex condition called M Syndrome. !

    Testimonial #64 Bill: Body Stuff Just Keeps Coming Out

    My name is Bill. I am several generations into having what y'all call M. I have had it for over 60 years. About 2005 or 06 I met Virginia Savely and began help I thought I would never receive. It has been one hell of a ride. Recently she sent me 2 bottles of your "Pico Skin Relief" and asked me to let her know what my thoughts on it are. I don't have that many words. As I said I have been taking meds since 2005 and have always paid attention to my food intake. Growing up and learning you know. Your "Pico Skin Relief" blew me away from the second it touched my skin from there I went to several areas that have always been problem areas and while it did take several hours of scrubbing and soaking. Damn, I was able to get things out of my body. Hell, I can’t explain what I felt. Maybe amazed beyond belief. Now to the nuts ‘n’ bolts; how far is too far and how much is too much? I have more crap in me, not just my skin, I scrub until I am raw and the crap is still coming out. I know I get obsessed but it's so hard to back off after all these years and to just know I have found someone that has put together things in the combination that works so well. I look at your ingredients and not knowing that alone they work but put together, WOW. I will want to buy more of this "Pico Skin Relief" but as I am on a retired disability just making ends meet is crazy too, but at the first of August I would like to purchase a bottle. And I hope you never run out of this "Pico Skin Relief". My god I think everyone should have this stuff. Well anyway that's my thoughts for now and I have passed on all thumbs up to Dr. Savely. Think I already said this stuff is amazing.

    Testimonial #65 U: Sun Spots, Healed Skin Conditions

    Your "Pico Skin Relief" worked wonders on my husband's skin condition which manifested because of certain drugs he needed to take after a stroke on March 2012. My skin in the face calmed down considerably and an eczema around both lower eye lids cleared up. I found it worked beautiful on a low lying infection in the eyes together with colloidal silver. It cleared up after 2 days completely and I only use it now when flying. Thank you so much for that wonderful product! I have what one doctor called 'sun spots' around my forehead from too much sun exposure in my youth (I am now 68 years old). I started spraying my face with "Pico Skin Relief" 3 weeks ago and all of the spots are either gone or have softened and the hard surface is sloughing off.

    Testimonial #66 Sarah: Brushing Teeth, Oral Health, Breath Fresh

    Great goal. I've been using it as a 60 second swish and then swallow with 3 sprays in the mouth after brushing my teeth to test it for oral health benefits. It appears to be a great breath freshener too--not surprising. Occasionally gets a recurrence of a ulcer on the roof of her mouth that occurred while she was immuno suppressed with chemotherapy 1.5 years ago. It was the size of a dime and even loosened and infected the adjacent molar when it happened. Based on my experience so far, I will likely have her use the "Pico Skin Relief" for it.

    Testimonial #67 Judy: Heals Foot

    The "Pico Skin Relief" worked so FAST to heal a stubborn outbreak on the top of my left foot exactly where the strap of my most comfortable shoes hits. Nothing worked until "Pico Skin Relief"!! It was gone inside of two days! And the problem has NOT returned – I am very pleased! As far as the rest of the nasty rash on my left ankle and now on my right ankle, I just this week found out that the rash is caused by my veins not returning blood back to the heart. Ultrasound showed that the valves are not working right. So, that is why the "Pico Skin Relief" did not do the “trick” in that area. However, this valve condition makes the skin darker and it stays red, but in one area, the "Pico Skin Relief" is lightening it even with the vein problem. I will have the new “Venefit” procedure done in about a month or so and then when I use the "Pico Skin Relief", it should work to get my skin looking like it used to before the vein valve problem. I like it is a truly amazing product. If it could alleviate some of the discoloration and discomfort from my ankles when in truth, the condition is structural and needs to be fixed via the Venefit procedure, it is quite a good product because nothing else came close! I would have written to you sooner, but it was just on Wednesday, the 6th (of August 2014) that I found out about the vein valve problem. Thank you for a great product and I will use it right after the procedure and let you know how it helps with the discoloration once the structural problem is fixed.

    Testimonial #68 J: Foot Care, Discoloration, Scars

    My experience with "Pico Skin Relief" has been nothing short of amazing considering that the awful rashes and lesions on my ankles are continuously being caused by faulty vein valves in both legs (called venous reflux). So, the "Pico Skin Relief" heals the lesions very quickly, but new ones arise due to the vein valves not working.  However, the calluses on my heels have gone away from "Pico Skin Relief". I have had calluses on my heels for years - nothing worked until "Pico Skin Relief"!!  It is truly like magic! Due to the "Pico Skin Relief" working so well even while my veins are working against it, I cannot wait to use it on the ankles after the procedures are done.  It is said that the awful discoloration and scars from those lesions take forever to go away after the veins are fixed, but it is my firm belief that "Pico Skin Relief" will enable the scars and discoloration to diminish quickly once the perpetrator (bad vein valves) is handled. I got delayed as my husband lost his vision due to a retinal vein occlusion and I had to help him with his vision restoration treatment and delay my vein treatment. I would now be well into enabling the "Pico Skin Relief" to actually cure the skin discoloration without it happening all over again due to my veins but, soon I will have that chance and I know that the "Pico Skin Relief" will work its magic!

    Testimonial #69 Kevin: Arm Dandruff, Shards of Dead White Skin, Itch Flakes, Bleeding, and Leather Skin is Soft Now.

    I’ve spent what seems like more than a lifetime with a condition that I can only compare it to as dandruff of the arms. I got used to wearing long sleeve shirts on the hottest of days and cleaning up after myself when shards of dead white skin would accumulate on the front of any dark pants I would be wearing. It was a constant embarrassment! Many trips to many doctors got me a myriad of bottles of hand and body lotion that that immediately absorbed into my body with little or no effect. I would find myself subconsciously picking away at the larger pieces of itchy flakes until they bled. Mind you, I have spent an entire life with this condition.

    Finally, along comes a product called "Pico Skin Relief" and the change has been almost immediate. I don’t know what it is or what it is made of but I certainly can comment on the results of this skin conditioner. From the moment I rubbed it on just one of my arms I could see and feel a difference. It felt like the dead flakes of skin had re-absorbed back into the body. The itching stopped immediately. My leather skin softened up to the point that it was a pleasure to touch and, as an added bonus, there was no accompanying greasy feeling. This product is truly a food for the skin.

    Testimonial #71 Rhonda: Poison Ivy Gone in 2 Days, Had Eczema for 40 Years – Gone Now

    I sent you a testimonial about the Poison Ivy. I hadn't even thought about my ear until I read the testimonial someone else wrote. After 40 years of Eczema it was just a part of me and I didn't even think about it. Now it is gone.

    Testimonial #72 Anonymous: Helps with Psoriasis, Alligator Skin, Scabs, Nail Fungus, Dark Brown Mole, Underlying Bumps

    4/18/13 – Report 1 -#73

    I have been using the diluted "Pico Skin Relief" (TM) you sent me in a spray form for a week now and I thought I would let you know how things were going. I am seeing a definite improvement in the Psoriasis. I had one large patch on my left elbow that was the worst area. The size of this patch is about 4 x 2 inches. I have had this for several years and treated it with all the prescription helps the Dermatologist had available, (didn't want to take any oral medicine for this). Plus I tried some expensive 'Natural botanicals' that really did nothing and smelled pretty awful. Nothing was really helping and the patch only grew larger and worse looking over time. I also have had a few other tiny spots in various parts of my body for at least a couple of years. What I am noticing in the one week since using the "Pico Skin Relief" is the bumpy 'alligator type skin' on that left elbow patch is changing and diminishing in size and it appears much flatter and smoother. Whitish scabs are forming that look like in time may be healing the underlying areas. Another small patch on my right elbow also has this whitish scab formed over that spot (which is about the size of a dime) and I believe in time, the scab may fall away and I hopefully will find new healed skin underneath. I spray all the areas of Psoriasis about 4 times a day and just let it air dry. Because the one large patch has been such a problem area for such a long time, it will take a while for the healing to take place. I am most pleased that I see such a change after only one week and will keep you updated as to progress. Nothing up to this point has made this much difference, so I am really encouraged. I can't thank you enough for sending me this free sample.

    5/03/18– Report 2 - #74

    After your last mail, I added a little more of the "Pico Skin Relief" (TM) to the water to make it a little stronger to see if that would help. There have not been a lot of major changes, but I think it is still getting better all the time. The underlying 'bumps' that I mentioned have smoothed out and the skin looks much flatter and smoother. Like it is trying to heal. I have heard that you can never get totally rid of Psoriasis, but I will wait and see if that is true or not, but I would expect total healing to take quite a long time. I believe the problem is, with Psoriasis, the skin keeps trying to regenerate too fast and that is part of the flaking problem. The areas affected are reddish underneath and still have whitish scabbing, but it is different than before. It is like a scab that is trying to heal the underlying skin and they do not flake off as easily as before. The outer edges of the large patch on my left elbow (6” x 2”) are definitely NOT spreading further as it has in the past, and perhaps it is starting to shrink slightly. I measured it today and will keep track of the size for better updates. The other problem areas are relatively small, and they are shrinking and smoothing out too.

    06/09/13– Report - #75

    I thought I would let you know what was going on with the "Pico Skin Relief" (TM) sample you sent for me to use on my Psoriasis. I had two surprising side effects on other things I wanted to tell you about. First, the Psoriasis: The largest patch on my left elbow continues to improve, and the skin is smoothing out and the color is getting more toward my normal skin tone. The patch looks reddish right after I spray the "Pico Skin Relief" (TM) on, but after it dries, the color returns to a light pink and is barely noticeable. Smaller areas are either gone or decreasing noticeably. The unexpected things it helped: First, I had a nail fungus under my right thumbnail, and even though I was not spraying the solution under the nail, some must have seeped in there when I was spraying it on other areas, and I just noticed the nail has returned to normal . Previously, I had this nail fungus problem for well over a year and products from the dermatologist had not cured it and it was creeping deeper into the nail bed. This was a real pleasant surprise, and I am sure it is due to the "Pico Skin Relief" (TM). Now I will have to try it on some toe nails on one foot, as I have had a chronic problem there for many years. The next thing that happened started about 10 days ago. I suddenly noticed a dark brown mole with a black center appear just above my right wrist about the diameter of a large pea. I had not even seen a pale mole there before, and do have several moles on my body which I have had all my life, but this one seemed to appear almost overnight. Looking at it closely under high magnification, I could see a black bumpy area in the center that concerned me that it could be a beginning form of skin cancer. I was thinking of making an appointment with a Dermatologist to evaluate it. I thought I would spray some of the "Pico Skin Relief" (TM) on it to see what would happen. Well, lo and behold, within only a few days it began to fade, and now (which is about 10 days later), it is almost entirely gone. Only a pale spot remains. I can see a slight depression or 'pit' in the center where the black bumps were originally. I am totally amazed by this, as I have NEVER had a mole appear or disappear as fast as this one did. Not having had a doctor give me a correct diagnosis on it, I can't say for sure it was cancerous, but the looks and rapid appearance of it greatly concerned me. I am most thankful it appears to be almost totally gone.

    Testimonial #76 - They critters are coming out of my body, but amount slowing!

    Hello: Further to my recent email. For some reason my shedding is bad at the moment, and so thought I would concentrate on the worst areas namely, hands, back and front, and wrists and forearms. I applied your cream, waited a while and rubbed and scratched off the organisms, and washed off. Applied again, more organisms came out in abundance, - same procedure. This was continued for 4 times over a period of an hour. each time rubbing vigourously or scratching them out. The last time was less. Your cream I hope has been reaching deeper. It is alarming, however ,that so much is coming out and to what I can really contribute this to. Maybe I am more aware that there is so much to get out and have been spending more time looking for them and feeling for them. However, even now as I rub the back of my hands they are coming out, - what I have done differently? Only going to the swimming pool twice recently! Chlorine? I have hardly detracted from the diet, but trying a couple of different supplements??. My big hope is that they are not breeding or multiplying but being brought out more by your products at a deeper level. I know you must be very busy with research etc., but if you do have a minute in your busy schedule to share any thoughts on the above, or any clients observations that might be helpful, I would be most grateful. All of us with these diseases cant help getting a bit desperate at times. You are such a valuable person with your help and support with your great products, we have hope again. If it can b e ingested safely I would try!. I am also going to try to use the calming soap a little stronger and see what happens, unless you advise against it. Do you have a link to buy these yet from yourself, or, have you any other distributor in mind for the future? or are you concentrating on the trials at the moment. May I ask you if the cream is similar to the Claudias Dream Cream that R. K's is advertising in his standard updates he sends. I find the items in his diet he advises AGAINST, seem to turn up in the products he sells, such as maltodextrin and fennel, and other ingredients. I have not, of course, bought any of these from him. His products are also very expensive, especially with the extra high shipping costs. Thank you so much for reading this email, and my grateful thanks again for everything, sorry about all the questions, God bless your future efforts with your products which will, I am sure, benefit all who use them. My best to you and yours, Katherine.

    Testimonial #77 - Psoriasis!

    I started using the soap a couple of months ago. My main objective was to see if I could clear up the Psoriasis which was located on my knees. There was a lot of patches and redness from all the scratching. The one patch measured 4x2", and the other ones on my elbows were about 2x2". The first week when I received the soap and applied the mixture on the inflammations It started to improve, the itching subsided a lot the redness started to change from a reddish color to more of an pinkish. Before I was introduced to the soap I went to my doctor and he wanted me to take methyltrexate to see if that would clear it, however, I declined that recommendation and took a more natural approach, like using the sap from fresh Aloe Vera leaves that provided a better solution than the pharmaceuticals. It would lessen the itchiness by 50%, however it was still not the results that I was looking for. Now when applying the soap I learned that you have to be consistent with its application so the results will be more evident. In addition I changed my diet to a more alkaline and I believe that probably helped me to attain my goals. From this experience I can highly recommend this soap to anyone with any kind of skin disorders. My wife who is Asian had a lot of sun spots on her back. I was applying the soap there and it looked like it was getting lighter in color, than I slacked off for some reason or other. Now I'm going to resume the protocol and hope for the best. Dainis

    Testimonial #78 - Hair Conditioning and Restore!

    Good morning, I was introduced to a very famous hairdresser in DC, after another hairdresser had so over processed my hair, it was falling out. I had been going to Talio's for about a year, then I started using soy soap. From the time I started using soy soap from one appointment to the next my hairdresser was talking to me about the health of my hair. The shaft's of my hair were thicker and my hair wasn't breaking off. My hair also grows faster and the over all condition is much better. Because I have gray in my hair I use a single process and then highlights. Hair dressers even the best make mistakes and with processed hair it becomes fragile. Through mistakes soy soap has given my hair strength to sustain them. I could not imagine my hair without soy soap!!! Best, Claudia

    Testimonial #79 - Psoriasis, Candida and Fibroid-like lumps in the flesh.!

    I used "Pico Skin Relief" mixed at 4 ounces to one gallon of spring water by spraying on and rubbing on the scaly lesions on my arms, legs and torso. I also diluted the mixture to an equivalent of 1 tablespoon of "Pico Skin Relief" to 1 gallon of water and used it internally. I did both internal and external applications in the months of July, August and September. I was not consistent because of sweating a lot in the summer. In addition, internal use generated so much heat within (and sweating) that I couldn't walk to my destinations without being overwhelmed by heat and sweat. I had to take breaks.

    From internal use, I experienced deep calming feeling, Herxheimer reaction effects from bacterial die-off, increased heat production, increased sweating and a general sense of well-being. was stated to be non-toxic, and no toxic reactions were experienced. I generally kept internal use away from food and drink because with a pH of 10.3, it will interfere with digestion. It is therefore very easy to alkalize the body and keep it so with "Pico Skin Relief". I cannot tell what deeper effects there were because I have no way of monitoring internal processes. The lumps I have have stopped being painful and though they are still there, they don't bother me as much. I think that they have lost some size.

    From external use, the flaking diminished considerably. There was flaking because of dietary Carbs. If I had eliminated Carbs, most likely the psoriasis would go away. There is a general good feeling of the skin. I stopped using "Pico Skin Relief" in September because of too much heat production. The hot weather did not help things. What happened in the last 6 weeks was that the Candida rebounded and spread to newer areas like scalp and finger nails. The flaking became more copious. My research told me that leaky gut syndrome is the basic cause of my psoriasis/candida. I tried kefir for that but it has not led to a cure, though I feel better with these probiotics. I also think that the high EMFs that I face daily has something to do with my psoriasis. So, my problem was only half-solved by internal and external use. If I didn't have to stop, maybe there would have been no rebound from Candida. It is cold now so I can keep on trying this for a good 6-8 months. Deodath

    Testimonial #80 - Organism Shedding, Black Particles, Itchy Patch

    I feel that taking the 30-min baths using the soap is the best way of helping to clear. I still havesome shedding of organisms? but the last two days the particles seem much smaller, more like rough powder, and although still some, - black, hard particles are surfacing. I still have itchy patches where the particles will come out, or I can rub them out,especially at night, but overall I feel things are getting better, - skin feels cleaner. Also, the skin is more smoother and looks healthier. Wonderful stuff. I do also like the cream, - very rich, and feel this is best for bony parts, hands, knuckles,elbows, wrists.ankes, and places where occasionally it feels there is a nest beneath the skin. I rub this in vigorously, where applicable. It is also good for he face and neck. I cannot quite determine which is best to relieve the itching, (where there are particles usually but not always), and feel it maybe the soap. I use this often during the day and before sleep. I think the itching is less also. I still have a little of the cream and soap, but would not like to run out. I am taking activated charcoal at the moment, which I hope will also help the process, and oil of oregano. Do you have any opinion on these?You mentioned magnesium Don, and I do use a magnesium chloride transdermal spray which I have been using for years, also calcium and MSM powder for osteopoosis of the spine, and feel it does help. Unfortunately, I cannot get into the links on your web page, except the first one for some reason. Your recent one on Fibromyalgia would be good to receive if possible, please. Well Don I am quite happy with the results and am hoping for more progress. It would be so wonderful to be getting rid of this nightmare. I have not had success with getting onto Skype at the moment, they are not accepting some info. It is probably me not getting the instructions right, but will try again over the weekend. I will get there in the end. It is good to know there is a doctor also willing to get involved and help. Heres hoping and praying success is just around the corner. Will give more feedback soon. God bless you and your efforts on our behalf, Katherine.

    Testimonial #81 - Part 2 Organism Shedding, Black Particles, Itchy Patch

    " I am making progress, albeit it slowly , but maybe this is better as the organisms are being pushed and released in different areas. I have had a few painful pricking/stabbing sensations which seems to go into the bone, much fewer than before but are more painful. I think there must be an escaping procedure at work here as they fight to get away from the skin and the soap. There has definitely been a change, and I feel it is a change for the better. I am hopeful that things will continue to improve and they will be drawn out from all areas. My skin generally is benefitting from the moisturing and brightening effect. What a blessing to have been able to test and try your products." Katherine

    Testimonial #82 - Part 3 Bath Soaking for Organism Shedding, Organims Release, Itchy Biting, Black Particles, Itchy Patch, Parasites, Bacterial Infections

    I found to bathe for 30 mins in a 1 .0z of undiluted soap about 3 times a week was most effective. I sometimes used the soap diluted at night, in the shower and after a shower, and sometimes if too tired, just with soaped facial wipes to rub down and then reapply the soap before getting into bed. This calmed the itchy biting feelings. In the morning if not having a soak bath I showered with diluted soap, rinsed off and dried, then reapplied again. Occasionally I added some citric acid to the mix.(Is this ok?) I still got some organisms coming out on face and other parts, with a few biting sensations but much less. The skin still appears to be softer and smoother, good for us vain women.!!

    I use the soap, along with some Soap powder, borax and/or disinfectant in my laundry, and feel this is keeping things clean and bug-free, and I worry less about that aspect of things. Some heavy things with seams I then steam iron as an extra precaution.

    For cleaning the home, upholstery, floors, etc., I spray most days with the soap, before I go to bed, and then in the morning - sweep/mop/hoover. Sometimes I use a little in a steamer, which must be an effective way of using the soap.

    As you are aware, M/L are very difficult to treat and eradicate from the system, and it will take more time to really find out the extent of the success, as are we sure where it truly emanates from and is it mans interference etc. I feel strongly, but not 100% certain, - my immune system having previouly been ruined by antibotics and subsequent candida for many years, I succumbed to an infection via rotting leaf mould in abundance in an old neglected garden, having bagged up numerous bags of the stuff, and the same time got a bite on my back. Also been bit badly by mossies, spider and other insects. (sorry if I have said all this before). I have now been plagued with this for nearly 7 years, - so if something is found for myself and others what a joy to behold and to be able to get a life, without all the hard work, tiredness, and other symptoms. and using all our savings on useless remedies.

    I do feel your soap is the best answer, so far, and I think maybe it has to be tweaked a little, maybe the right strengths to use, whether diluted or undiluted on some areas, until we get the exact topical mix right. I still would like to know if ingesting it could help even more - if safe to do so.?

    However, you are having real success in other areas of parasitic and bacterial infections, and i am sure it must be of interest to the Medical Profession when they read the write-ups of your soap in the various Papers. I will see if I can find out some contacts for you. Are they using it in any of the medical areas in America yet? I myself like to keep my condition confidential, for various reasons, and have not sort help from my doctor. At the start of this I went to a Dermatologist, who did not understand or accept I had anything wrong with me. After that it was from the internet where I tried to get help. Nothing helped for long, - as the main reason for the non-success is, of course, it soon becomes systemic, in tissues, joints, bones etc. So along with your soap, maybe there must be a right form of detoxing and/or other form of procedure, either electrical, rife etc, to work together, and maybe success will be more easily obtainable. If you have any information on internal detoxing, etc.,or could research it, that would be so useful. Maybe you are too busy for that!!!

    Hope to be able to give you more good results when I start the soap again, as am certainly better with it and would hate not to have any for long.. I will buy it from you when you provide your own link. I do not expect you to provide it free all the time, as you must have so many to help still. I know it will be cheaper than R.Ks, who I read is still advertising it. UGH!

    Thanking you again, BFN My best Katherine.

    Testimonial #83 Scabbing Reduced, Scar Tissue, Hard Callouses

    Well I continued applying to to afflicted areas daily and the improvement is progressing at a rapid rate. The skin has gotten more pinkish and scabbing has reduced to a fraction of before. I experimented with the diluted soap on the bottom of my right foot. I had a scar from a operation I had about 25 yrs ago and and hard callouses on the heels that I always had to use a razor blade to shave them. By applying the soap 3x per day the skin started to peel of the heel and scar tissue looks like it almost disappeared. That truly amazed me. This was after 2 weeks of application. I will submit 2 photos of this experiment. I would appreciate if you could send me out another bottle of this soap and I will keep you posted with the result. Dan

    Testimonial #84 Groin Heat Rash, Eczema Ear Canal, Poison Ivy, Laundry Stains, Fungus, Mildew, Center Back Itch

    I told you how my son and I moved from a dry area to a humid one and were both suffering from heat rash in the groin area. "Pico Skin Relief" took care of that. I told you how it cleared up the eczema in my ear canal that I had had for decades and also how it stopped an outbreak of poison ivy dead in its tracks. I use it as a base for my homemade bug spray because the essential oils can be harsh on the skin. I have used it on tough laundry stains. I found that it is excellent for fungus and mildew on my herbs and veggies. It is because I have shared it with my plants that I need more. I have a problem of a bug crawly feeling right in the middle of my back where I can't reach. I would like to use it as a tub soak but since I have so many uses for it I am to stingy with what I have left to use it in the tub. I do have a problem that the "Pico Skin Relief" has helped but not cured. I have a very deep itch on my right heal and little toe. There is no visible reason for it such as a rash or anything. Just a deep un scratchable itch. The "Pico Skin Relief" has lessened the frequency and severity of the itch but so far not cured it completely. I would like to see if the cream would knock it out for good and get my son to put some of the cream on the bug crawly spot on my back. That crawly feeling is very crazy making. The Dr. tells me it's just a symptom of the fibro and to deal with it because my insurance doesn't cover the expensive medication. I want to thank you for what you do. From the testimonials I see that you are helping so many people. God bless you and your work. I used to "Pico Skin Relief" to help clean the specs and heal my skin from this brownish black fungi that was growing. I am still using it as it slowly heals. I used to have issues that never healed even after spending hundreds at a doctor. But "Pico Skin Relief" helps calm the skin from the itching and biting of the "M" symptoms and accompanying skin fungi that have discolored my skin. Seems to help with pain too. Paul

    Testimonial #85 Scalp and Eyelids Clumps/Fuzz Balls, Black Fibers, Black Specs

    Thanks you very much for the Shea Butter solution. I have found it very effective. It makes life more comfortable. A couple days after I started using it a number of clumps/fuzz balls exited on my scalp and eyelids, the areas I am still using the liquid. An additional couple days later a large number of black fibers came out of my scalp. Also for a week or so a large number of black specks were exiting everywhere. The only things I can see without magnification are the clumps/fuzz balls but I can certainly feel them. I take a piece of tape to catch them and look at it with a small 40 power microscope. In my hair I use a fine tooth comb then look at them with the microscope. I purchased a 7 oz. jar of Shea Butter and mixed it with 1.5 oz. of "Pico Skin Relief" to continue using the cream. Thanks again! J

    Testimonial #86 Working Miracles

    You are working miracles! My case has been quite rooted..and what is there when I began this time using product, is the survival of the fittest and most stubborn..the gunk that survived everything else I had tried before. Your product is getting results! Sharing this so others who have tried, "everything else"..have hope there is a solution! Thank you!! R

    Testimonial #87 Amazing Cream, Beautifies lightens brightens skinless and much less itchy /biting state

    I think the cream is truly healing, and beautifies lightens and brightens the skin. When massaged in vigorously it brings out debris and brings out specks and other particles that accumulate under the skin. (especially backs of hands and lower arms.). I do this a few times a day. Will concentrate on upper outer leg and thigh more next, which is another troublesome area. The facial area which was always troublesome especially around chin and jaw area has greatly improved, very few particles? coming out now. I am gradually getting back to a more normal less itchy/biting state. Will report any further changes. Thanking you as always, Katherine.

    Testimonial #88 14 Year Head Sores, Love Liquid For Bath, Cream for hands, feet and head lesions, nasal spray and enemas

    Today, as you know went to see my Doctor, who examined the top of my head and saw that the sore was healed. I have had these sores since 2007 or about 14 years with no results. We discussed ongoing treatment and after the appointment I called you and sent him your email and phone information...Including the website. I am currently out of the liquid soap. Looking forward to your shipment.

    The liquid I use to mix in the bath and for sprays.

    The cream I use on hands, feet, head...land found it superb on lesions. Am still doing the cream on my hands and feet and head until there are no more parasites.

    I still have some water that I am ingesting and also doing the nasal spray. I am also using the product for enemas and a lot of critters are coming out.

    You mentioned to me about another patient who relapsed over the holidays due to dietary....I can also state that a wholesome organic diet including green leafy I have found important. NO sugar, and gluten free, very low dairy and if any meat it should be organic free range. I eat mostly vegetarian except I eat eggs and when i was very anemic I had organic free range buffalo. I am not anemic now. Thanks so much! Robyn

    Testimonial #89 Heavy Congestion, Egg-White, Lung Mucous, Coughing

    Here is the summary of my reactions to directly inhaling WakeUP as a possible way to clear the mucous from lungs and gradually reduce the trigger of coughing.

    Friday 26 Dec: In early morning, I put about a 1:100 and water blend in the ceramic nebulizer and sat near it for an hour at a time, a few times. No sensation of much happening, so I stuck my nose right over the spout and breathed several times. Very little sensation of cleansing or even a tingle of scent of WakeUP. I decided there is just not enough delivery of micelles to deal with the load involved. Typical nights non-sleep coughing from lying down at 10 until finally quieting and exhausted at 4 a.m.

    Saturday 27 Dec: Vigorous, high-yielding cough on awakening. Stand by the sink and explode and spit. Lungs wheezing like old accordion. About 10 a.m., I grabbed a small spray bottle with WakeUP in it. Probably 1:200 ratio. I treated it like an inhaler sprayed a squirt directly into my mouth. Soapy, with a little bite. I inhaled and swallowed. The coughing stopped. For about 5 minutes. Then the tickle kicked in again. Coughs were more productive for about an hour, and I sprayed another shot. I sprayed a total of four times through Saturday night. Evening, very little coughing and the lungs gradually felt less congested. Coughing turned more dry. However, Saturday night was another 10 to 4 a.m. hacking bout, with a very dry cough.

    Sunday 28 Dec: After sleeping from 4 a.m. to about 6, I went through a dry cough spell on rising, and was able to breathe deep without congestion at 10 a.m. I sprayed another shot of the in my mouth, swished and swallowed, inhaled and this time I felt the sting on my bronchial tubes. I had to cough about four times, really deep and booming, and it quickly subsided. Apparently the WakeUP had reached uncoated bronchial branches. All Sunday, the lungs remained clear and light coughing was mostly unproductive except for slight, egg-white mucous. No brown goopy stuff; Ive only seen that once a couple weeks ago. Sunday night, my ischial nerves heated up again and I had a hard time sleeping. Light coughing.

    Monday 29 Dec: Slept from 1:30 a.m. to 7:30 straight this morning. Woke with a sense of lungs cleared. On getting up, light coughing dislodged some phlegm but that soon settled down. Morning, occasional light coughs. Lungs clear; can exhale without sounding like an out of tune woodwind section. A little tickle but by being quiet, very little coughing. Much more energy, given the rest and no energy blown away coughing. As of 2 p.m. I feel very few symptoms except an occasional light cough. I'm able to play with Lane. I'm grateful there is no raw throat involved, with all the abuse it has occurred. My theory is that the colloidal micelles help dilute and lift the mucous. There must be some non-water substance in the mucous which reacts with the micelles. I can breathe deep now, without triggering a cough. I have not sprayed any more WakeUP in my mouth since yesterday morning. At least I have some evidence that the stuff doesnt immediately kill you when ingested like this. This lab rat lives on and is, in fact, feeling much better. J Note: Same person that treated himself for whooping cough and it was gone in 3 days.

    Testimonial #90 Lyme Disease, M, Creepy-Crawly Sensations, headache, fatigue, hair loss, chest pain, bumps/lesions on my scal

    I have chronic Lyme Disease and M Disease and have been using "Pico Skin Relief" Liquid for about 2 months now. At the start I had creepy-crawly sensations on my scalp and body. Had headache, fatigue, hair loss, chest pain, bumps/lesions on my scalp, face, and sometimes body. I had granules exiting the skin and scalp, and dust like airborne fibers that seemed to surround me like a little cloud. I shed black and white specks in my sheets. I started using "Pico Skin Relief" after bathing and washing my hair. Within a few weeks the lesions on my scalp had healed, and the rate at which new ones appeared had slowed. After a month or so, I no longer noticed specks in the sheets, and the particles floating in the air had decreased. The bumps on my skin healed up, though I still have dark red scars from some of the bumps. I also have strange red fibers under the skin on my nose that are still present but have faded somewhat. I think the "Pico Skin Relief" is a great anti-inflammation agent. I know that my illness is systemic because when I stop using "Pico Skin Relief" (like I did recently for about ten days during the holidays) my skin symptoms return, slowly, but they do return. I would welcome the opportunity to test the "Pico Skin Relief" Cream as it would be very convenient and would save time in my daily bathing ritual. Thanks for inventing this genius treatment! Warmly, Andrea

    Testimonial #91 Calms and Soothe Itch of Baceria Die Off, Lyme RAsh

    Thank you for keeping me informed about your product. I diluted it and placed it in a spray bottle. I spray it on my body when I get a Lyme rash. It helps soothe and calm the itch that comes with a bacteria die off. Please keep posting about your product and letting me know about people who are using it. Sincerely, Laurie

    Testimonial #92 Morgellons in Remission, no Open Lesions in a year,

    I haven't sent you any updates for awhile. My Morgellons has been in remission. I haven't had any open lesions in well over a year. Thank God! I have a couple of things I'd like to ask you however. My wife has a type of eczema called Dyshidrotic Eczema or Pompholyx. Its a severe form of eczema and it's not responding well to steroid treatment. Have you ever treated this before? Would you be interested in having her test your balm on this eczema? Next is a veterinary concern in canines called Hot or Heat spots. This is a hard to treat very itchy problem in many dogs. We have Chow Chows and several times a year we deal with the Heat Spots. I'd like to try the balm on our dogs and see if it helps. I sure would keep you informed of the results. I've never received a sample of the balm only the Soy Soap. If it helps you I still have pictures of my Morgellons lesions at the worst and as they were healing. I used both the Soy Soap when I was fighting Morgellons. Congratulations on being ordained. I hope it brings you and many others much comfort. It will be nice for you to be able to counsel the many people in need. Thank you Don, I have a little bit of the soap left but its been diluted. I had not tried it on my wife's eczema because washing with water exacerbated the eczema. We just found out what it was on Thursday so we really didn't know what we were dealing with. I have read about your cream and thought that would be better as it doesn't need to be washed off. If you could send the soap as well I will mix it as you instructed for the dogs hot spots. I have some friends who are Chow Chow breeders and I will have them try it as well. Those hot spots are horrible when you are showing your dog. Thankfully, Chows have such thick fur that sometimes you can hide it. I will take photos of my wife's hands so you will have before and after photos. I will pull up the old photos of my Morgellons for you during the week and get them to you. Thank You for your time. Mike

    Testimonial #93 Dental Infections in my Molar, Yeast Infetion Gone as Well,

    Wonderful regards ministry I believe that was a very beneficial strategy for you, when he was beginning to expand in his helping others. This does give more stretch towards getting people well! I wanted to let you know about the great healing regards dental infection, one of my molars was really bothering me, since I began brushing, Problem gone! Also, started getting a yeasty problem on the interior side of my cheek by the infected molar....GONE! Heartfelt thanks!!! Robyn

    Testimonial #94 Diabetic Life Saver, No More Itching, Skin Flaking Gone, No More Skin Cancer Bumps!

    I'm not really sure what is in that skin moisturizer cream but it certainly has been a lifesaver for me. Being a transplant survivor with Diabetes I am on thirty different pills a day, spend two hours a day attached to a sequential circulatory and limited to 1000 ml. of fluids a day. The combination of these life saving things that I have become accustomed to is wreaking havoc with my skin. Large dry patchy areas appear and itch bad enough that getting a good nights sleep is impossible. And then along came your product. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ! The itching is gone and the cause of the itching is also gone. The flaking that has become terribly embarrassing is no more and I must say that my self esteem has taken a large step up. There is certainly something to say about soft clear skin. There is an extra perk for me. I have had skin cancer for a long time. It's not the dangerous kind but about once a year I have to go to the hospital where they cut the bumps out. I started rubbing the cream on the irritating bumps and wouldn't you know it, they are gone. Once again thank you for allowing me to lead close to a normal life and rejoin society. Kevin Ruic

    Testimonial #95 WOW. Back Bumps, You have taken such a load off my mind

    All I can say is Wow and thank you. The problem with my back I was sure was cancer. I could feel one bump but really can't see my back. I had my son take a picture with his phone so I could see what was going with it. I was shocked to see several more bumps that I didn't know were there. I am using the cream you sent and only the original bump is now there and it has decreased in size. I am still feeling the crawly sensation but things are improving. As for my foot the toe is much better but the heel is not healing as fast. It was what happened first so I suppose it will take the longest. When I first put the cream on my heel it turned beet red. My first thought was that I should stop the cream immediately but I decided to keep trying with it. I think that the cream was just bringing whatever was under the skin to the surface because the redness went away even though I kept using the cream. I'm still working on things but I am getting better. Bless you for the work you do. I had not told my son about my back because it had been going on for a year and I thought it was cancer and I had decided that I was just going to let it take it's course because no way was I going to go back into the medical system and I didn't want him to try and talk me into it. You have taken such a load off my mind. Thank you again. Blessings, Rhonda

    Testimonial #96 Stop Itching, More relief than 2 years, Slept all night

    I just opened my samples and I tried the cream yesterday. Oh my, it stopped my itching right away and I had more relief than I have had in two years since getting this horrible condition. What I would like to know is there anyway I can get more of the cream before it goes to being for sale? I don't want to be greedy but I am already addicted to the cream for relief on my skin sores! What a blessing. The cream is so much easier to use. I slept all night without antihistimines!! Nancy

    Testimonial #97 Heals Skin Lesions Faster, suffering since the 80's.

    I just received my skin cream! I smiled through my tears when I realized what the package was! Words cannot express my gratitude toward you for all you have done for me, for others and for our crops! Many of us believe the M entities are nano/bio hybrid materials that can self-assemble/ self-replicate. We also believe that it is affecting everything from the air we breathe, to the water we drink, to the food we eat, to our own bodies. Your product heals our food and our bodies! Being that your materials are natural but work at the angstrom level, I believe it works on the pathogens because it works at the nanoparticle level! As I always trusted, nature would persevere ! You are using natural materials to battle something that is not ENTIRELY natural. I'm not sure you understand how profound this is for us on so many levels. I have used it faithfully, daily since you sent it many months ago. It wont prevent outbreaks but it heals the skin lesions in half the time of not treating the skin. I have been a M sufferer for 8 years since the peak of it, which almost killed me, literally. I have suffered facial skin lesions since the late 80's- early 90's! I have used everything and anything you can think of in attempts to heal my lesions and nothing works like your soap! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sample. I'm a believer. Because I have tried it and it works. Again I thank you for all you are doing to help us who suffer. We deal with so much insult, negativity and being treated like we are delusional, that it is literally like a beam of light in the darkness when someone tries to help. Much love and respect, Sir! K

    Testimonial #98 Cleans Skins, Deep Pathogens Are Surfacing, Skin is line free, Real Beauty Aid

    The soap really cleans the skin, the increased volume of deep pathogens will keep surfacing more often, obviously having multiplied and spread everywhere. My skin is so much more line-free, A real bonus. The cream is a real beauty aid. My chin and jaw area, however, continue to be quite free of whatever it is that comes out?? (always previously very troublesome). Could it be mites, eggs, spirocetes!! I find it very effective in my laundry, and I also add soda crystals and dettol disinfectant. Also great for spraying around the whole flat. Many thanks to you again for giving me the opportunity to be included in your trials. My very best wishes, K

    Testimonial #99 For 20 Years Wife Skin was Black from sunlight, and nothing worked. "Pico Skin Relief" has returns her skin to her orginal brown skin color.

    Greetings from Abdul! I would like to refer your mail dated 27 May 2013, on the subject of " M Skin Lesion", based on this, I started using Pico 1 on both the arms of my wife, which had turned black due to exposure of Sun light, as you know in south India during summer the Temperature Reaches to 42-52 C, for the last 20 years tried many remedies without any improvement, however after applying diluted Pico 1 I observed positive improvement in the skin colour coming back to the original skin colour. Hats off to your efforts and product. Regards Abdul

    Testimonial #100 I was experiencing eggs, organisms and maybe minute insects, and debris etc., coming out of skin frequently, and skin was rough and very itchy, the pricking and stinging feelings

    So much going on with you, how do you get the time for all and everyone. You can only do what you can and to those who really need your help, which is so admirable. However, I think you asked for info as to how and to what extent I have improved. Approx. 9 months ago I was experiencing eggs, organisms and maybe minute insects, and debris etc., coming out of skin frequently, and skin was rough and very itchy, the pricking and stinging feelings was a sign to me (rightly or wrongly) that things were alive coming out. This is the most distressing. I had a few patches of periodic movement (colonies under the skin). My face and, chin especiially, continuously shed the above organisms. Upon receipt of your cream and debriding soap, I immediately started a journey of progress. I have been making steady progress since then and symptoms have become less and my skin is still getting smoother and more refined, and some of the dark patches are really lightening up on the backs of my hands, It is a wonderful moisturizer and I feel my skin looks younger, less lined. The cream does a great job of beautifying, The debriding soap is what helps my M/L symptoms most I feel. I have always felt cleaner after using in the bath and then using it again on my skin. I still have some particles coming out (this is because it is a systemic) and still have a few pricking itchy symptoms, but as the soap can penetrate the subdermal layers and draw things out, the shedding is so much less. I feel the best I have been for 7 years. I do detoxes and use certain remedies to help things along, and at last I am feeling positive about my future. Great products. I hope this info is helpful, as you know I am truthful and only say it as it is. I thank you again for helping me so much, and I do hope your future projects bring you the joy and recognition for the help you give. God bless you and your work. Kath

    Testimonial #101 Open Head Scalp Sores & Lymes Sores!

    As you requested I wanted to let you know of my progress. The open sores that I get on scalp seem to be getting better. The cream is awesome but since the sores are in my hair the original liquid which I put in a spray bottle allowed me to use several times a day without having matted hair. My wife on the other hand loves the shea butter as she can put it on and leave it on the Lymes sores all day. She has had a relapse of sorts recently so we are taking it one day at a time. Thank you for all you are doing, Bill

    Testimonial #102 I had an overnight miracle with my Psoriasis!

    I had a remarkable overnight recovery experience. I have wanted to write this review for a while now; but I was waiting until I experienced something significant and truly life changing in terms of healing my psoriasis. First off, I'd like to begin by touting how amazing the "Pico Skin Relief" is. From the moment I used this moisturizer I realized it is the greatest, and the best hydrator I have ever used. I have tried them all, as a self taught beauty guru who studies skin care ingredients. One day I decided to apply the concentrated solution in its most potent state (without dilution) to the psoriasis on my right hand. I did this 5 times in one day. When I woke up the next morning I noticed a drastic change in the condition of my once red and inflamed hand. It appeared as if it had healed overnight! The healing that had taken place was so significant, you actually couldn't even tell I had psoriasis and you would never know by looking at my hand that I suffer from this awful incurable skin disease. There is no redness or inflammation, no unsightly lesions or open wounds, and no visible scales. I wouldn't say my psoriasis is totally cured, but I am glad at least appears that way. I still have severely dry skin and I still experience the itchiness that goes along with having psoriasis, but while the dryness and itchiness may not be visible to others, you can treat the itching sensations by consistently saturating your skin with the high level of moisture it so desperately requires. Because your skin is naturally dry anyhow, be sure to use a good emollient moisturizer as your maintenance programÔ?? for your dry skin." Amanda

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